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, It can be soothing, sophisticated, flattering, rich and mellow, formal or casual, and a perfect launching pad for bolder decor choices It is also never clinical or cold, I ve worked on several new houses recently that need a contemporary feel injected into their all beige color schemes. Contemporary Home

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Bead board panels can be applied directly over exposed joists (if the joists run parallel to your home Tips When installed This solid core, cellular vinyl (PVC) material stands up under the most severe weather conditions and is perfect for that beach or coastal porch It is very Composite Need a low maintenance ceiling.

, Photos to Help You Choose a Wood Floor Finish And when working on remodels and additions, I always advise my clients to match any existing wood floors to maintain the flow and integrity of the home But what to do when you re Traditional Stairs In White California Beach House Whether you

, There is no rule (unless your homeowners association has one) that houses need to be painted beige, gray or ecru And why should interiors have all the fun when A pale pink beach house The color of shells and sunsets Midcentury k by Kropat Interior Design Kropat Interior Design A bright leaf

Denise Austin Home Burnham Outdoor Brown Mesh Chaise Lounge Chairs, Set of .More Styles Beach Crested Bay Grey Mesh Chaise Lounge Piece Set With End Table, Gray Wicker Beach Style Hammocks And Swing Chairs by Buyers Choice USA View Phat Tommy Hand

, You see my first choice was what was there before, the painted grey look that I liked a loteasy to clean and didn t show up too much dirt, only a putty and white striped puppy s footprints occasionally and popped with lots of white There were a few problems with the painting of deck scenario lovely

, Get your facts straight before buying a cottage There are a number of factors to consider when buying that home away from home.

, The best beach houses exude an easy outdoor living vibe, and that means decks, and lots of them If you are Go with teak for a classic look that will weather to a faded gray over time, or choose hard wearing composite decking This pendant light from Ikea is a designer favorite yet costs only bucks.

My husband and I have been playing around with it to get just the right shade of pale grey, as we prepare to paint the exterior of our home It s truly They have a HUGE selection of lanterns for the deck for the upcoming season This baby was my favorite of several chandeliers in the store and at an incredible price point.

, Only ET can take you inside the Real Housewives of Orange County personality s Newport Beach home for one last visit before she moves out in a few weeks The sale was in the works long before Kelly announced plans to divorce her husband of years, Michael, late last month The year old

, Plywood Plank Cassie Fritsky , Wide Planks Painted With Outdoor k Paint, If budget were no option (one can dream) I obviously would opt for hardwood floors every time, but for the cost, feel, and look you cannot go wrong with these and I am so happy we decided to take the plunge and give

Start with better wood People love to build with white pine, and I understand whyit s the most affordable option But it s also the softest option and most prone to decay Choose pressure treated wood, cedar or redwood to extend your greenhouse s life Seal, seal, seal! A high quality deck sealant or a coat of glossy

, I needed to rethink my plan, but first I wanted to learn why the paint choice could make such a big difference in the life of the new door windows and the rest of my wooden house Well, all you need to do is stand in the blazing sun in a black outfit to understand the effect a dark color has under the heat of

, Gray paint whether a warm gray or a cool one is an ideal choice for a home of just about any style, age and location Also, with this color s wide range of hues, two or more shades can be make the home appear less massive in scale and gentler on the landscape Beach Style Exterior by NC Designs.

, My favorite option is to place a tiny house on private land To make this more widely possible though, changes to zoning laws are needed Variances for smaller than minimum homes aren t always granted Some cities are rethinking those minimums, especially where real estate prices are high Boston

, None of these are real colors from a paint deck (we picked all of them in photoshop), but we d choose a swatch that has the same undertones if we opted for any of these choices Next we have something in the chocolate range Sort of like this Another color we considered was red, for that nautical,

, The first time we opened the front door to our new home we were in awe of the foyer It was so open and bright, and tall, like crazy tall like how in the world will we ever paint that tall Our past home didn t even have a foyer at all, not even a small hallway It just opened up into the family room.

, We feel like this palette will be a nice blend of our previous homes (more traditional and warmer than our last house s palette with a lot of the neutral and classic feeling that our first house had, but with more happy hits of color) We re excited that among the soft neutrals and rich moody hues there are also

, If you own a beach home, especially one that you rent out seasonally, then ceramic tile flooring is an option to seriously consider for the following reasons a beach house (or any house) at guarenteed every day low prices and has an informed staff ready to help you make the best flooring choice for your

, Beach Style Entry by Sunshine Coast Home Design Sunshine Coast Home Design In this example, the interior side of the door remains white However, with the door ajar we see the pretty color selected for the exterior, giving us a glimpse of how the entry would read if the sky blue had been continued

, By the way, here s the perfect ceiling fan for your summer beach house or anywhere you need a fan No unnecessary light located on the bottom and if any of you have sourced these, you know nice ones are hard to find without lights They also come in different colours and choice of alternative blades.

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Mar , When we make plans, God laughs Or so it would seem for Chris and Shannon Nelson and their two children, who, after living overseas for years, planned to move back to the States and make their family beach house their full time home Their year old Cape Cod style house was located in

, Take a tour of Martha Stewart s home Cantitoe Corners in Bedford, New York Although, copper cost a fortune now so I bet a pot would be double or triple the price now Yikes! Reply A color such as BM s white dove (grey undertones) with a bit of grey added would have been my trim choice And would

, Beach Style Kitchen by Rachel Reider Interiors Rachel Reider Interiors Approach Select the Backsplash First Of course, if you happen to find a backsplash you absolutely love before you ve even looked at countertops, I say go for it Making this selection will absolutely help you narrow down the

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