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, Almost every gardener loves the scent of roses, but for deer a rosebush smells like dinner You could go out and plant some of the coarse evergreen shrubbery that deer are known to avoid, but you may find yourself just as disinterested in the garden as the deer if there are no flowers to enjoy Fortunately

, Contemporary by All Safe Pool Fence Covers All Safe Pool Fence Covers Implement Barriers and Other Safety Measures Even if you don t have kids, it s recommended, and in many jurisdictions required, that you still provide some sort of barrier around your pool, whether it s a fence or safety net.

, This path widens out to patio size by extending all the way out to the fence boundary on one side and the house boundary on the other Mediterranean Landscape by Pool Environments, Inc Illuminate the hard work you ve done with landscape lighting to make it a safe and inviting journey after dark.

, After fueling power generation at nuclear power plants, spent highly radioactive rods cool underwater in pools like this one at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in California A new study by a panel of experts asserts that the agency that regulates nuclear power in the U.S hasn t looked closely

, Learn to think like a raccoon, skunk or squirrel to keep your home safe and your garden intact No matter how much more brain mass we might have than these creatures, my husband and I are all too often the butt of their jokes But I wouldn t trade in my wild four legged neighbors, which also include

, Traditional Landscape by Johnsen Landscapes Pools Johnsen Landscapes Pools Ornamental grasses Flowering vines that soar overhead and ground covers that creep around the rose s base are the perfect bookends to your shrub roses form Vines to consider are passion vine (Passiflora spp,

, The basics Trench edging consists of making a fairly shallow trench between the grass area and your landscape bed, creating a barrier for grass to grow This rusty color is aesthetic only, but it s important to remember that all steel edging, after a period of years, can begin to rust and decay on the edges.

, Create more privacy by screening the garden with fences, awnings and tall plants Here, a midlevel terrace surrounded by skyscrapers feels secluded, thanks to a shade pergola planted with vines and slatted fencing covered in potted orchids Contemporary k by Scot Eckley, Inc Scot Eckley, Inc .

, The species comes in many different forms, all wonderful, but most specialty nurseries will generally carry one of two weeping forms either trained in a serpentine pattern and staked, or in a hooked pattern in I created a living fence in my garden using five of these weepers trained along a horizontal pole.

, Whereas the previous example used a basin as a catchment, this tropical vignette features even more water that flows into a pool upon which the dining area sits like an island This kind of design thinking is what can transform a nice enough backyard into a oasis for all the senses Traditional Landscape by

, See through vertical fencing connects a yard with its surroundings while keeping children and pets safely inside belowground or set into low walls When done properly, they become a sculptural element all their own, blending style and function the bedding plants Protect Your Family With a Safe Pool.

, Hot tubs and swimming pools are great places for creating a wind shadow The screen may also help to give privacy be different depending on the season If you live in a coastal area with sand fences, check their angle because they are typically situated perpendicular to the direction of prevailing winds.

, But it is safe to say we have way more lawn than is needed, considering all the other options available many of those options are better for the environment In choosing how to cover your ground layer, consider making it as sustainable as possible by choosing locally sourced materials and plants that are

, Building departments are primarily concerned with the safety of new walkways (particularly in front yards) as well as the total amount of permeable vs impermeable Once pavers are in place, spread between and inches of your selected gravel to cover all base rock and surround the pavers.

Mar , You can grow a good sized edible garden all in containers on a sunny terrace Purchased at Ikea for each, these sleek Increase your green space (and cover any unattractive fences or walls) with vertical gardens, hanging baskets and wall mounted containers Many apartment buildings have a light

, Nagashima Spa Land, a theme park in Kuwana, Mie Prefecture, has banned users from bringing selfie sticks into the jumbo pool since y The facility had banned them on roller coasters, but extended the ban to all attractions The sticks might hit other users in the pool by accident, and they could be used

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day ago It is highly unlikely that you will be able to get rid of all insects in your house Some might sneak can actually help You should also wash your garbage pails or cans and cover the inside with borax because it is toxic to many bugs nutsandbolts Tips for a Safe Kitchenust , In kitchen safety .

, But there are a few other evergreen shrubs that resist deer beside the ubiquitous needle bearing ones Some of those below are extremely common, while others may be new discoveries for some gardeners All have at least one redeeming aesthetic trait (besides being evergreen) and are great selections

, While bluestone paving still covers the patio floor, the thermal finish and running bond pattern make it feel more cohesive and organized and also feel backyard, including a patio between their house and detached garage, but its slope and poor space planning didn t make it all that usable or inviting.

, In addition to the pool and covered patio, Tuckahoe Creek completed this pavilion, which echoes the timber frame construction across the pool This helps tie the entire landscape together The neighboring homes are quite close by, but this yard is incredibly private, Stettinius says The mix of brick, clipped

, See how to get more out of every square inch of your outdoor space even smaller Make the most of your plot with the largest deck or patio you can fit To get a bit more green, leave space along the edges of the hardscape to plant vines to cover the fences, and add some big containers with lush foliage.

, A general rule for retaining walls, though accent walls also benefit, is that the wall should slant back about inch for every inches of height Angling the two outer sides in slightly as the wall increases in height gives the wall more strength As the wall is being constructed, the center is packed with stones

, When it comes to decorating your home for Christmas, it s all too easy to neglect the conservatory However, given that we all need a little extra space during this time of year, you re likely to be spending a lot of time in your conservatory, so take some time to make it look and feel as festive as the rest of your

, If you want an Italian style patio of your own, grow tall shrubs such as yew or privet near a fence or a garden trellis to create some privacy from your You can also try climbing plants such as creeping roses to cover railings or exposed walls, and add a small water feature to create a relaxing sound of