long life composite yard borders

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, Seek them out in the local nursery or garden centre now and plant them either at the front of beds and borders where there is a gap that could do with filling, or else in tubs or window boxes where they can be treated as temporary residents and replaced in spring when theygo out of flower Heathers in

, Harvesting nutrients from deep in the soil with its long roots, comfrey is high in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, potash, and calcium Comfrey is a powerhouse in beneficial insects, providing Comfrey cuttings are ready to be used as green manure, green mulch, or crushed and added to the compost bin.

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Mar , I haven t timed it, but it doesn t take very long to take care of this, maybe minutes on these beds which are about x I think that may be less time than tilling with a machine! Planting a garden bed No Till Vegetable Bed spreding compost Layer on to inch of Garden Compost Add a fresh

, Tips and tricks for your container garden! I m using Biomax Sheep Manure Compost mixed in with my soil this year Garden trowel This tool is a must for planting flowers! Garden hose Gardening gloves Keep your hands and manicures soft and clean all gardening season long! Watering can I use a

Included are easy DIY vegetable garden fence, garden border, ornamental and picket fence ideas Learn how to find Growing and harvesting full flavored produce and seasoning herbs is essential to a healthy life for you and your family There are Today s vinyl picket fence material is long lasting, and maintenance free.

, Chalky soil is poor in nutrients and always hungry so any manure or compost that you work in soon decomposes and disappears All this makes for challenging gardening conditions but with a few sensible counter measures, there s no need to give up hope Soil preparation When you first make a new

, In a perfect world, we d all have heaps of compost lying around, but it takes time to let all of your grass clippings, wood chips, expired produce, and weeds rot into the perfect blend of life sustaining goodness For now, you have fewer options, with bagged composted cow manure being the most common.

, Gardening and Life in General One Step (Dish) at a Time If you re a long time reader you already know my thoughts on never underestimating the power of a little In spite of that, I still need to refresh that concept in my mind when I m close to being rendered incapable of doing anything by the thoughts of

, The thinking is that as long as the soil is loose and free of weeds, something should grow! However Tilling also destroys humus, the organic component of soil that is necessary for plant life (See Building the Right Compost Bin) Homemade worm compost is an essential amendment in my garden.

, YOU don t have to scale the heights to to create an alpine garden just pick the perfect mountain plants If you aren t sure of your supplies, it pays to buy bags of John Innes compost and peat free potting mix to use instead It ll set you back a few bob, but you ll never regret it when you see how much

, Cordon trained redcurrants and standard goosegogs are fine for large tubs, as long as you keep them very well watered in summer And blueberries are brilliant for pots as they need lime free soil most gardens are nowhere near acid enough for them but a in tub of ericaceous compost suits them down

Mar , BAFFLED by the many varieties of compost available Follow Alan s step by step guide to select the perfect one to perk up your plants and make you smile.

, Well, yes most tree leaves are quite fibrous and take longer to rot down than sappy garden plants on the compost heap than others oak and horse chestnut can be particularly slow but generally in a year s time you will have rich, crumbly leaf mould to dig into your beds and borders or use as a mulch.

Mar , Next, spread a double handful of pebbles or gravel on top of the compost to stop it floating out when the plant goes back into the water, then lower the whole thing It usually lives in the middle of the pond, so use a long garden cane to fish it out, poking the tip into the mass and twisting it round rather like

, Great swimmers, grass snakes are commonly found near water (such as garden ponds), as they feed mainly on amphibians and fish Our only egg laying snake, they lay eggs in rotting material, such as compost heaps, where the warmth helps incubation Harmless and shy, the most common sighting of a

Don t worry, animal lovers, this little guy lived to nibble another day But after being batted around by my cat in the yard, he didn t seem to mind catching his breath for a minute in my gloved hand My yard didn t show any damage, so I decided to live and let live as long as the vole kept the same attitude However, not every

, Appearances can be deceptive if you use artistic tricks to create a bigger garden Eliminate lots of small fussy beds in favour of a few large, flowing borders that create a more streamlined effect And sort out You can give a short, wide garden the illusion of length by constructing long, straight features.

, No matter how well you plan your garden or how carefully you group plants together, you ll always spot something that needs moving It happens It makes them easier to dig out and at the new location they ll shoot out from the base instead of having a tangle of long stems that die back anyway Try not to

Mar , Redistribute them in borders as a mulch, between plants Work wormcasts into the lawn surface with a soft rubber rake Step two Lawn mowing Choose a day With a smaller patch, use shears or a rotary line trimmer to cut back the long turf and rake the cut grass up so what s underneath can dry out.