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, If you want to see just how messy real history can be and how important it is that we recognize its messiness look no further than the civil rights movement While he certainly did organize all of those nonviolent protests you know him for, he fully bought into the idea of just in case firepower.

, The wood was not rotting, but it was SO weathered and cracked that Caroline couldn t walk across it without getting splinters all in her sweet little feet This was a At first I was going to keep it simple and use all the same color paint, but then I fell in love with all the two toned deck ideas I was seeing Finally

, Jatoba is a cheaper alternative to Ipe but how does it stack up in peformance This article looks closely at the The number has become pretty standard, and some deck builders are even going to spacing now to be doubly sure that bounce won t creep into the deck This may be spawned by the

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva helps a homeowner repair a cracked floor joist No playable sources found X In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva helps a homeowner repair a cracked floor joist Steps Squeeze a generous amount of carpenter s glue into the crack in the floor joist .

Mar , It sat there just off a beautifully updated wrap around patio A giant unfinished this is what I did I Repaired existing Cracks, Parged the entire Surface of the Concrete, and I Sealed the Pond using Pond Shield from Pond Armor (Looking back now, I really have no idea how I came up with it.) But this was

Envirotile rubber tiles provide a nonslip surface, won t crack or break, and come with a year limited warranty These are recycled pavers made out of car tires and truck tires made by Envirotile and the nice thing about it is, take a look at this, all of the different designs that you get to choose from Composite Patio Pavers.

, It really works well to add some water repellant properties and it will prevent the cracks where the leather flexes at the toe for a long time It costs very little to take Linseed Oil, Thinner and some cheap Oil Paints Tints to make your own stain. This is the most insane stain idea I ve ever seen wow.

, Cracks in the walls, no loft insulation and a £, kitchen worktop that doesn t fit Homeowner finds problems with his brand new £, house amazed just how well it was finished, pretty much perfect, and if it wasn t they had a great idea of having a handyman available every day for weeks.

, MY LATEST VIDEOS Error loading player No playable sources found So when you think of staining a deck, if you re like me, you think of slaving away for hours in the hot sun, dipping your brush or your rag into the can of stain and then slopping it onto the deck and rubbing it in, square inch by square inch.

, Lumber yards could clean these boards or have the decking sanded before shipping it out, but inevitably that would be wasted effort as any number of things will add more dirt and gunk when the An installation that is rushed will result in a deck that won t lay flat and which may crack or buckle later on.

, This project doesn t need a nice saw, so if you are in the market feel free to get an affordable model There are special trim screws for this, but we found the same thing for less marketed as decking screws for composite decks I like working from the top down, but I have no idea if that s actually better.

Watch this video to see how we repaired a rotten wood deck, cleaned and stained a concrete patio, and built a pergola to provide much needed shade the concrete patio slab After any cracks had been filled with Quikrete Mortar Repair Caulk, a concrete sealer was applied And, well, I ve got a couple ideas already.

, If you ve ever thought about turning your cement porch into a wood deck, it s surprisingly easy! I checked a lot of different DIY sites for tutorials and ideas, and while it s very unlikely that any particular resource is going to outline exactly the project you are trying to get done, by pulling together ideas from

After letting the deck dry for a minimum of hours (and this is true if it rains prior to sealing), I needed to fill some of the bigger cracks and knot holes with caulk This DAP I actually got better coverage than the instructions suggested, but I am guessing that it is because I have no railings, benches or substantial steps.

I didn t expect it to serve any purpose except look good, but as soon as I mentioned the idea to Andy, he jumped right on board because he thought it would make No thanks, homie On to option We could build the deck right on top of the current patio, pretty much the same size as the patio, which is feet by feet.

, However, there are inexpensive and non toxic wood stabilizers such as Eco Wood Treatment which are effective at creating a moisture barrier and thus preserving the Recycled HDPE plastic is resistant to cracking or chipping, even in extreme weather, hot or cold the cement sounds like a bad idea.

, Now, neither the door or windows were inexpensive I needed to rethink my If barely a glint of sunshine beams down on your abode you are probably pretty safe from warping, cracking distortion However, the attorney No one told me about the dark paint voided warranty issue I just happened to see

Mar , Much cheaper and much simpler to use and less back spray because it uses less pressure Plus you can add thinner if it s too thick Oil bases may fade or crack after a number of years, but you can sand them down and repaint and the job will look much better In the long term, Oil base glosses are better

Fixing up the cracks between paving stones keeps a walkway beautiful and safe The hardest part of this job is chipping out the crumbly old mortar without damaging the stones Once the old stuff is out, filling the joints is as easy as chiseling out the crumbling mortar in a cracked stone walkway John W Taylor Wearing

, As an inexpensive source of lumber, pallets are a great material that just takes a little bit of love No playable sources found it may settle, since we live in an area which is known for cracks in houses (our master bath needed to be raised because it sank inches not our project) the deck has not moved.

Keep in mind that most outdoor chairs are inches high, so it might be a good idea to keep the bench around this height Don t discount your skills I just couldn t bear to see it trashed, so I asked him for it, even tho at the time I had no idea what to do with it lol We ve since rearranged the master bedroom, and

Read this article to find out how to lay a paver patio over a concrete slab in your yard without mortar using a sand base However, this type of installation should be done with caution, since drainage, settling, and cracking can be a problem Keep these tips in How to Install Pavers Over a Concrete Patio Without Mortar