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, Nestling in south west France, it has a compact and beautiful city centre, radiating out from the streets around the Grand Theatre Stunning makes a great destination There s a museum dedicated to the French Resistance during the war, great public gardens to explore and relax in and markets to explore.

, The Church must take a disproportionate share of the blame for the mental health issues of people who are lesbian, gay or bisexual The church must accept the role it has, however unintentionally, played in the in the poor mental and physical health of LGB people, including anxiety, depression and

, The Financial Times also said top European Commission officials had warned staff to avoid unnecessary additional complications by doing deals with Britain in the run up to Brexit The paper said a memo had been sent out to EU staff telling them to encourage UK based private sector firms to prepare for

, It may be better known for cattle and citrus, but Queensland s inland North Burnett region could soon be embracing a sweet new crop.

, Theresa British Prime Minister Angela Merkel German Chancellor Nicola Sturgeon Scottish First Minister Michel Barnier Chief Brexit negotiator for the European Commission Donald Tusk European Council President Francois Hollande French President With a second bid for Scottish

, If you have any questions about the rules, if you re confused about why your post was removed, or if your idea for a post is acceptable Please Read the Guide to WTF Until we figured out a bear resistant solution many a morning of my childhood was cleaning up trash dragged all over the property.

, It does and I like it for this The pot also looks hugely better than the black pots that these plants have been plonked in The pots come in three sizes cm cm cm and in ten colours The website says they are long lasting, shock proof and UV resistant I can agree they are shock resistant, this pot was

Track the California races that could flip the House Two open seat races in Southern California are the most competitive See where Democrats are putting their energy and money for the midterms.

, Resistant bacteria aren t that bothered they have ways of neutralising or evicting the drugs, and less need for damage control This means that there s a immediate difference between vulnerable and resistant microbes, which you can measure long before it s clear if the microbe will grow or die And this

This is one of the best leashes for dogs especially for big dogs AND for dogs that pull because of the shock absorbing features that are built in to reduce the impact of a pulling dog The resistance created also encourages the dog to come back to the walker as the stretch is working to return to its resting state EzyDog

, A recent government road safety campaign titled secondglance, went viral, after showing graphic videos of car drivers crashing and killing pedestrians after looking at their phones for two seconds Under new rules, expected to be introduced next year, drivers could face must stricter penalties if caught

, A coroner has has called for a change in the law to fence off garden swimming pools following the death of an adventurous boy who drowned on his third She cited Australian laws which enforce child resistant barriers, adding that she planned to write to the Edward Thompson MP, Parliamentary Under

, AN ARCHITECT who helped friends landscape their garden free of charge has failed to stop them suing her for £ after the project went wrong.

Liquid Fence, which produces offensive scents, can be extremely effective, but Baker has seen that strategy backfire She told a story of a friend who used Liquid Fence around her garden It kept the deer out, but trapped a rabbit inside, giving it unfettered access to the salad bar, Arkansas s deer population on the rise in

, SWNS GETTY Christian Hager chased after his neighbours with a chainsaw after becoming enraged by a garden fence Christian Hager chased after the couple with the power tool, leaving them terrified for their safety The year old flew into a rage after discovering Mark Walton and Sharon Lamb had

Very engaging conversation, thank you guys I m looking to put up some fence around my garden to keep out the deer (and potentially feral pigs) as well as to keep out potential predators from an outside cat Would the ElectroStop harm a cat if it was exploring the fence, or just give it a scare It s not very old

, Samuel James Bowles hopped over a fence to retrieve a football when his finger became lodged beneath wire mesh and tore away, leaving a When she got to the hospital it was worse than she thought it was so even if she was annoyed for whatever reason, she couldn t help but feel sorry for me .

Mar , Upon eating that huge shot, Kunitskaya shot in for a takedown, which briefly saw her put the champion on her back Cyborg managed to make her way back to her feet but found herself with her back on the fence and defending more takedown attempts The champion managed to break free and

, Some have suggested that it s accidental the two chemicals responsible for the glow could be by products of normal chemical reactions Others proposed that Apparently the hyaline layer, where the fluorescent molecules reside, of the cuticle is resistant and remains in fossils But why Why isn t it

, For this week s column I sat down with the two of them to conduct a kind of exit interview about the decade they ve spent running the two departments Arranging And a funny thing happened after , after the Lehman shock and the economic collapse, when the university had to cut the budget I began

, A WOMAN has forgiven her lazy husband for failing to cut their unkept garden hedge after it saved their home from a suspected drink driver ploughing in to their home In shock, Mrs Langworthy shouted at her husband to come downstairs His reaction was disbelief We ve lived here years and

, The man who opened fire was distraught over a recent break up and called his ex girlfriend as he fired round after round at his victims All of the victims were African American or Latino, police said Sunday The gunman, Peter Selis , was white San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman said there is zero

, Japanese scientists have found that a bean bug can become instantly resistant to a common insecticide by swallowing the right bacteria The bug forms an alliance with I ve written about this story for The Scientist, so head over there to read the details of the study To me, the alliance is fascinating

At the CRC, I got a personal tour of the sawmill by Vice President and General Manager, Carl Schoenhofer, and saw firsthand how longs got debarked and sawed up into dimensional lumber for building decks, fences and other outdoor structures (Redwood is an ideal exterior wood because it s naturally resistant to

Mar , The classical example is that it s not illegal to have a power grid connected fence around your garden, but since you know someone is stealing your apples, you re willfully accepting that someone will get a potentially lethal shock Not much different for property You can set up a no parking sign, but you

, If you live at the seaside or along roadways that are salted in winter, you can plant attractive buffers using plants that resist or tolerate the presence of salt that can damage other plants in your garden Consider planting salt tolerant trees, such as the gingko (Ginkgo biloba), Mediterranean olive (Olea