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, Rupprecht Geiger s bright orange paintings titled Rot , (you can t make this stuff up) and blue sound absorbing paneling line the Protokollraum When Soviet soldiers occupied the Reichstag during the final days of World War II, angry soldiers covered the interior walls with Russian graffiti.

, Natural light flows through an added large glazed panel in the roof while the existing small windows offer a view on the surrounding park The bathroom flooring, walls and top are made of large mat marble ceramic tiles (xm), while the furniture is made of black dyed MDF The same black MDF material,

, With its warm Circassian wood paneling, imported from Russia, its dazzling Austrian crystal chandeliers and iconic Great Tree, a visit to this classic Chicago restaurant is And since the tree hangs from the ceiling, it s decorated from top to bottom, so the star is the first decoration to adorn the tree each year.

, Built by MM Arquitetos in S?o Paulo, Brazil with date The wood paneling gives warmth to the environment, making it comfortable, next to blue armchairs and dressers Copper luminaires were designed and developed specifically for this project gaining prominence on the walls of every floor.

Price about per sq ft Highlight This stained hardwood has a golden tone when topped just with a clear finish Brazilian koa Price about per sq ft Highlight Dark chocolate and blond stripes Wide, knotty planks complement the rustic beadboard wall and ceiling paneling inch unfinished planks, similar to

, It is on this balcony that we also get a clear look at the warm and lovely wood slatted ceiling These slats are not only design friendly but they actually serve a climate control purpose as well, absorbing heat during the day and keeping the space cool even in the Brazilian summer .

, On the right, the MDO panel, and on the left you can see the underside of the metal decking from the floor above the patio ceiling Exterior Ceiling wood strips The final selection ended up being the ipĂȘ, a FSC certified cultivated Brazilian hardwood noted for its durability and resistance to rot and insects.

, Wood paneling and a mirrored ceiling complete the room, with a chandelier of vintage glass sconces and a frayed Oriental carpet The kitchen at Burke Wills is helmed by Chef Rodrigo Nogueira, originally from Brazil and trained at the French Culinary Institute who comes from other New York

, Among details of note are vaulted foot high ceilings, domes with hand painted frescoes and a , bottle wine cellar The library spans two floors, and the elevator is outfitted in oak paneling The Palladian style mansion, which took nine years to build, sits on an eight acre promonotory in Bradbury.

, the elements in Seward s existing stores including the midnight blue used in lacquered display paneling The store is accented by brass light fixtures and anchored by dark marbled stone floors, the richness of which is offset by a skylight covering nearly the entirely ceiling in a nod to Southern California.

, Because they spend their lives under car hoods, or between walls, or tucked inside backpacks, most industrial or utilitarian materials are purpose built without any consideration for aesthetics The people who engineer these materials get paid to make them perform well, not look pretty when one of them

, materials are prioritized concrete floor and ceiling and wood paneling on shelves, doors and walls The yellowish wood takes on a golden glow, and acts as a background common to all products Lighting A simple system of LED highlights the walls, contributing to product visualization General

, Completed in in Vila Mariana, Brazil Vila Mariana, S?o Paulo State of S?o Paulo, Brazil Regarding materials, we basically work with apparent concrete on the slab and countertops, white slatted porcelain flooring, paneling wood and cabinets, and copper tubes, elements that have structured the

The house is beautiful every little detail has been attended but I felt it a bit monotonous same colour scheme for floors, furniture, walls and every where Likes I still miss the vast ceilings, original mahogany solid paneling and closetsplus a degree view of the Olympic Mountains! I m an arquitect in Brazil.

, in Brazil that are also paragons of green architecture Clad and finished with recycled wood, this contemporary space fuses natural materials such as tree trunks and vines with stainless steel and glass in order to establish its harmony with nature Featuring a breezy open plan and floor to ceiling windows

Mar , Completed in in Rio de eiro, Brazil Images The roof is the most important element of the house, a single ridge divides on one side the gallery with the glass ceiling, to the other gable roof with different slopes, the lower The house is covered by metal sandwich roofing with wood paneling lining.

, Not wanting to interrupt the flow of the ceiling beams, the designers secured the top of the L shaped wall to the beams with metal posts They chose wallpaper featuring An indigo dyed pillow from Japan and a traditional patterned pillow from Mexico top a handmade Brazilian blanket Supposedly there s

, A CLIP of the window on a plane coming loose mid air has gone viral, and any nervous fliers shut avert their eyes immediately.

, LED lighting was incorporated into the paneling to highlight it and make it a feature The walls were painted white to showcase the couple s prized art collection The kitchen pairs crisp white with a bright blue to create a vivid and impactful space, despite its modest size Brazilian tiles cover the doors on the

, Williams and his crew had to strip the house and use framing hardware and shear paneling to bring the structural integrity of the building up to current code We literally High ceilings dominate most spaces of the house except for the front hallway, which was originally only inches wide Williams and

Mar , Consuelo Jorge designed this modern house in Brazil One of these floor to ceiling bookshelves is not like the rest Instead it In this modern loft conversion, a wall of white paneling and shelving can be pushed back into a hidden room then slides closed again to make the space even more unique.

, Studio David Thulstrup has turned a former factory building in Copenhagen into a house for a photographer, featuring a plant filled atrium and walls of The mirror paneling is detailed and applied in such a way that it achieves an appearance of continuity and is extremely effective at d ing light and an

, Arthur s aim was interiors in total synergy with exteriors Bringing the outside in are meter floor to ceiling glass windows, on both ends of the open central space Cumaru wood paneling runs from top to bottom in an attempt to match and blend in with is beautiful surroundings as if this were ever