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, With more power, a quieter cabin and an interior that s finally becoming of a true luxury brand, the MKX has the makings of a sales winner We re just not sure the Outside, Lincoln has walked away from the semi retro front fascia of last year s model in favor of the swept corporate nose of the MKT While we

, But what happens to car sales when all vehicles are part of what amounts to a large ride sharing fleet What s the point of designing something special or unique It will be a world of stripped down, gray Corollas everywhere When I was a kid there was a car culture in this country That is largely dead.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk will take the direct sales case to U.S federal court if results in Michigan are not in Tesla s favor After many efforts to try to convince Michigan officials to Reservation holders in Michigan will have to venture outside the state to take delivery of the Tesla Model Tesla just opened a mini showroom in a