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, Some passengers and crew were on the Pride of Canterbury P amp O vessel, which had sailed from Dover in Kent, when the blaze broke out in the engine room He said we were going to have a tug boat pull us into the port but then I just saw plumes of smoke coming out of the engine room.

, A baseball fan has died after plunging ft from the top deck of Turner Field in Atlanta on to the stands below Gregory Murrey, , of Alpharetta, Georgia, plummeted from the balcony during the seventh inning of the game between the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees on Saturday night The US flag

, Further studies are planned in larger groups to investigate whether these protein changes can be detected in tears in the earliest stages of the disease, before symptoms start The findings of the preliminary study was presented at the American Academy of Neurology s th Annual Meeting in Los Angeles.

, An adorable cat has proven an internet hit with his seemingly magical ability to balance dice and playing cards on its paws (pictured) The videos first originated on Chinese social media.

U.S Pat No ,,, to Hickey, covers airships for transporting liquid that includes storage tanks located midship with their inlet conduits opening through the forward part of an upper deck enabling the tanks to be filled while the airship is moored to a special tower The tank contents are discharged through outlet

, Germany has undoubtedly raised the bar in terms of strategising energy sourcing, and setting the pace for renewable energy policies Feed in tariffs (FiTs) brought the country on this track as it acts as a connecting policy, linking people, policy, energy and economy However, Denmark is the only European

, More than hens spend most of their time in three multi tiered barns at the expanded Combwell Farm in Kent where they produce a million eggs this as free range because there are more birds than perhaps some of them would have thought, but the important thing for us is that the birds are well

, It was an extraordinary sight, Queen Elizabeth wandering with us, people all around walking their dogs and doing a double take as they recognised her no Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, the Princess of Wales, the Duchess of Kent (no Duke), Princess Alexandra and Angus, Princess Margaret,

, A new study published in Circulation Journal of the American Heart Association found women are twice as likely to develop fatal heart complications than men.

, One in every eight couples struggles to get pregnant While there is no magic potion, three experts told Daily Mail Online why having sex twice in an hour might work and why other tricks are myths.

, Only quacks, like you, would have us believe so Click to rate Raggarty, Almeria, Spain, day ago Fool I am mid s, slim, marathon runner, non smoker,very infrequent drinker, vegetarian for years No family history of cancer and I had no major illnesses until diagnosed with aggressive breast

, Nowadays, people have no idea where American ends and English begins And that s a disaster for our national self esteem.

, One image shows a Senegalese amputee writing in to thank the American Red Cross for his artificial arms Doctors can also be seen demonstrating to patients how artificial limbs work.

, Turkish researchers claim men achieved a percent erection success rate after six weeks of one daily aspirin Viagra, meanwhile, markets a success rate between and percent.

, Heatherwick has said that, at a site where there is nothing else to commemorate, the Vessel can be a monument to us. Illustration by Rowan Moore, the architecture critic of the London Observer, called it outstandingly memorable, noting that we expect buildings neither to be hairy nor in motion..

, Patient derived stem cells on chips will allow us to create personalized medicine The chip is made out of a flexible polymer that features tiny channels that can be lined with thousands of living human cells Hamilton first started exploring organs on chips at Harvard University when she was lead scientist

, A non slip mat has been screwed to decking at the bottom of eight stairs outside where the driver fell down and although the driver claimed he slipped on a leaf, Mrs Dunster said she is obsessive about Mrs Dunster, of Chatham, Kent, said I feel absolutely gutted It s another kick in the teeth for us.

, stampeding through families to lay into each other under the pier, was a frightening spectacle Police fought to control running battles that saw more than arrests and deck chairs used as weapons by the warring groups of youths Brighton Mods Weekender departs in scooter show off (archive)

, There were seven people on the building s observation deck when Dabaghi climbed the safety barrier, police said One person He was the th person to plunge from America s third tallest building since it opened in The most my business, kent, england thinking of getting out soon!, years ago.

, It is also referred to as motor neurone disease, or Lou Gehrig s Disease after the US baseball player when he was diagnosed in at just years old Since the Ice Bucket Challenge in raised million for ALS research there have been many amazing clinical trials for drugs and medical