cement work on sloped bavk yard

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, This is a ten minute how to build a wall using inexpensive formed concrete blocks That gave me the basics of what to look forward when building my wall at my patio That s a lot of work And to the critics, really, GET A LIFE We re all not professionals, and the point is to share to help, not to be mean and

, in great numbers homemade concrete block edging for the Vegetable Garden to replace the wooden edging that currently is slowly breaking it s way back into the soil profile Through some R D, a rounded top sloped back shape was chosen, and we set to work building forms as uniformly as possible.

The garden is still a work in progress, which is fine with us, says owner and landscape architect Chris Kukula It gives us something to look I have a u shaped lot where the middle of the back yard is the low spot between a house on a slope down and at the back of the lot another slope up Would be interesting to build

, Here is a view of the entire back yard plan In the design When I poured the patio, I made sure that I added rebar to the concrete on the edges, to give it extra strength to hold the additional weight of the wall I knew I cut back the soil where the stairs would go up, and took out a little extra for room to work.

Use deck screws to attach the bottom of the balusters to the face of the bottom rail so the angled cut on the baluster is flush with the bottom of the rail The gap between the balusters should be less than four inches, so installing them on five inch centers will work with these two by twos, which are one and a half inch thick.

, What to Know About Adding a Backyard Bocce Ball Court For others, bocce is the main d , taking a proud place of honor just steps from the back door The preferred method is concrete, and for the best effect, install a inch by inch cedar bumper board against the inside concrete wall as shown.

If it s a large project like this, where we re extending the patio, a framing square would be too small, it wouldn t be accurate enough So we re going to use the Pythagorean theorem and that s based And this workshere I did it three feet, four feet, five feet But you can use any of those ratios, so it could be six, eight or .

Watch this video to for step by step instructions on how to repair and resurface concrete steps on your home As it hardens, he s able to work it more and more to get exactly the shape he needs, so that when the forms come off, the color is the only indication that there was ever a repair We re about to correct that Danny

, A third type of swale works in conjunction with a perforated drainpipe to move water underground The swale pipe combo functions like a trench that collects water on the surface the water flows to the perforated drainpipe at the bottom of the trench and then finally along the sloped drain to move water.

, Many of us are nervous about tackling a garden on a slope, but there are ways to make this kind of outdoor space work to your advantage If you ve to open up the back of your home full width onto the garden and you use materials cleverly, you will help make your sloping garden feel more manageable.

, Once you capture puddling water in your yard, NDS Flo Well and Pop Up Emitters help to discharge the collected water underground and curbside in the back yard resulting from the dry well backing up through the ground since then we have been over working our septic by having all drains directed to

, The mixer was worthwhile because it eliminated un mixed pockets of concrete and helped us work faster As we dumped each batch, two people would use a shovel and garden rack to spread the concrete throughout the form and into the corners We mixed a lot of concrete till the form was filled just above

One of the first and most critical parts of installing gutters is creating fall, or slope that will ensure that water always moves toward the downspouts For ideal drainage you want about one From there connect the necessary downspout pieces to turn back to the wall and down to the ground Each of these pieces has a male

And then use a whisk broom Or, I ll tell you what, a leaf blower works really well on this as well Then, the important thing is a concrete repair caulk, this particular one is a self leveling And on a crack like this, you basically are just filling it in, and making it nice and flat Now, that works well on a crack like this But if you have

Instead, cover the subfloor with cement backer board, using corrosion resistant screws that are countersunk flush with the surface of the backer board Screwing down cement When laying tile, work from the subfloor to avoid putting weight on the new tile, and allow it to set for hours before walking on it Work backward

, In , we started Hillside Community Garden, and the name implies the challenge a steep hillside, prone to land sliding and erosion Any topsoil and Logs that are inches in diameter will work, too, but first, dig a little trench for them to sit in, to take some pressure off the stakes Here s Pile the logs