farm house wall panel in kerala

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, The house entrance, known as otala, is used to wash clothes and dishes This next bicycle is a milkman s bicycle Hanging on it are cans the milkman uses to deliver fresh milk to homes And this is a modern child s bicycle, leaning against a wall instead of being propped up on its stand Bicycles are one of

, This Victorian villa just a few blocks away has been left to run down severely Built with all the twiddly bits that Victorians loved so much, she s not looking so grand any more and rumour has it that it s soon to be demolished rather than done up Let s hope not! [Auckland] blog buildings Murray

, We re eating more chicken today than ever before With increased chicken choices at fast food restaurants and chicken being a popular choice for those lookin

, However, I cannot help thinking of all the people living outside the capital along the Seine and its tributariess who had to abandon their damaged houses Translated from the French by BĂ©liza Mendes Martine Kervagoret lives in Paris, France You can see more of her work on Instagram and Flickr.

days ago The region of Alentejo is huge, covering almost a third of the country We were mostly in the Northeast We visited ten I played with the strong contrast between white houses, churches, fountains, and the sky Sky is very important The hill, trees and houses were kind of glowing I only had time to put the

, This post features an amazing small house that s just square feet but looks and feels like so much more Can you that you get outside Also notice the solar panels on the roof However, I would have a concern for snow load build up in some areas of the roof if this house was build in snow country.

, There are still lovely historic pubs, workers cottages, terrace houses and cobbled laneways all within a stone s throw of the Bridge It s a place where USKSYD often sketches when we have overseas visitors maybe you, one day! But one of my favourite views of the Bridge is from the northern side, from

, I woke in the middle of the night to see the horizon in flames and later learned that in our county of Sonoma had died, homes had been burned Driving out country roads there were frequent reminders of the gratitude felt by this community for these first responders who were the undisputed heroes

, This is a budget house built on cents on land This is a value for money house while maintaining its beauty and convenience The design KOTTAYAM, KOZHIKODE, KANNUR KERALA , STAINLESS STEEL MODULAR KITCHEN have become a premium Most used part of new houses .

, Are those walls slightly out of alignment Is that column at a slightly raking angle Sadly land prices have now overtaken house values in many parts of Australia s capital cities, and a whole era of modest residential architecture is under grave threat Sometimes with sketching it is best to err on the side of

, Walls are made of local burnt bricks, plastered with hand finished lime and sand mortar Likewise, joints too use the same lime mortar, replacing the conventional cement mortar However, larger part of the wall is made of rammed earth, left exposed or partly mud plastered There are not too many lintels as

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