types of hollow decking material

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Another object of this invention is to provide a modular, easily assembled, bridge deck incorporating prefabricated deck panels, made from hollow extruded aluminum elements, This structure and technique also permit more efficient use of the elongate aluminum alloy extrusions, thereby reducing material wastage.

A one piece, hollow, continuous wall pallet having a deck and underside structural features that function in conjunction with the deck for support and reinforcement when a load is placed on The Ohanesian pallet is formed from a single rigid sheet of thermoplastic material, and is not hollow like a rotationally molded pallet.

The deck is formed after treating the layers of material for between one half hour to six hours under a vacuum at a temperature ranging from ambient temperature to degrees F ,, B Wen discloses a skateboard comprising an elongated body with a hollow core and a plurality of reinforcing ribs within the deck.

, Home Uncategorized HRL confirmed lightest material as world record and it is times lighter than Styrofoam We ve also been able to achieve interconnected hollow lattices with a density and surface area similar to lung tissue, Carter said If you wanted to create an artificial lung, microlattice is a

The method comprises the steps of providing a foamable mixture comprising a polymeric matrix material, a filler, a processing aid, one or more lubricants, a thermal stabilizer, and a Another type of composite building material known in the art is a foamed polymer fiber composite disclosed, for example, in U.S Pat No.

The metal decking assembly may be of any type of construction that includes one or more external hollow ribs extending therefrom Thus, the Desirably, the gripper body is constructed of a resiliently deformable material, for example, metal, although it is to be understood that any suitable material may be utilized.

A wall or ceiling panel comprising fireproof metallic sheets forming a parallelepipedic body filled with fireproof material, opposite parallel side edges of the body The deck is for example coated with a base sub stance l and a floor covering turned up along the floor profile , which profile forms a guide for the guide

a The prefabricated deck units can be comprised of any other material that is suitable for supporting loads anticipated to be applied to the deck units, such as composite material, wood, steel concrete composite units, etc b The girder layout can be single span or multiple spans The girder connection type at intermediate

Fluid exiting the motor travels through the exhaust line or hose to the rear end of hollow, fluid conducting frame member which forms a conduit extending along the flat deck member The hydraulic fluid travels substantially the length of the frame member where it exits into flexible hose so that it passes

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The sand grains are removed from the closed type of casting structure by use of vibration or impact forces which disintegrate the sand core (which has become more brittle by the heat of casting) Such closed deck designs have worked well because (a) the use of iron as the castable material makes the sand cores brittle and

Field of the Invention This invention relates to fiberglass type boat hulls and particularly deals with a reinforcing floor or partition wall arrangement to stiffen the hull and to Plastic foam material filling the space between the floor sheet and bottom of the hull and also filling the hollow keel body can be of graduated density to

Discarded or recycled carpets or other textiles can be converted into wood like materials, in sheets comparable to plywood The carpets As another example, various types of boats would be safer, stronger, and more seaworthy, if an entire deck or hull portion was made from a single sheet of seamless waterproof material.

Watch this video to find out about all the different styles and materials that are available for bathtubs from fiberglass and acrylic to steel and cast iron One disadvantage there, I hear people talking about it has kind of a hollow sound, maybe they just don t feel very safe in the tub For those people, they are great candidates

(Cl ) This invention relates to a hollow block wall construction formed of superposed layers of hollow building blocks of a concrete material which is fire proof, The inconveniences of the first mentioned known type of wall constructions reside in the insufiicient insulations and in the presence of cold temperature

to the base member extends through the sealing material A spacer extends the base member to a roof surface The spacer is a hollow base stand, a tube, or a side wall of the base member The spacer has a surface area covering the roof deck less than the surface area of a side of the base member facing the roof deck.

Materials used in this engineered system, that might otherwise be placed in landfills, include but are not limited to plastic bottles, bags, waste Styrofoam, packing materials, rubber tires, and other similar waste materials, preferably compressed or assembled into controlled shapes The shapes of these forms can be spherical,