decking 4 foot high

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, But it would be glaringly obtrusive if the deck were higher than the interior floor Nothing says we didn t figure The joists can then be tapered up at ? per foot to the high side This meets the There you have it, the top issues and our top solutions for decks over conditioned area You know where to

, a premier low maintenance, high quality and durable outdoor building products brand, is featured in the winning design of Archadeck Outdoor and building decks for more than years now, and is our product of choice, said Maurice Meagher, owner of Archadeck s a Scotia location.

, Pros Nearly all have better rot and insect resistance and are denser than their domestic counterparts Cons These features also mean most of these woods come at a higher price Cost to per square foot Traditional k by Holloway Company Inc Holloway Company Inc Composite king For

Establish Post Height Pull a string even with the top of the fence posts, and place x pressure treated posts rated for ground contact in the holes Plumb and Align As a general rule, you want a inch deep hole, so you can use foot pressure treated posts and have foot left above the ground When you set each

I screwed it all together with the same screws that we used on the decking for the tower Then I attached it to the tower with hinges so I could put the ramp up and hold it in place when I didn t want Weston to be able to access it Playset bottom of ramp The whole ramp is ft long and in wide To build it, I layed the

Danny Lipford This week on Today s Homeowner we re helping a young couple improve their backyard with a new deck that s friendly for the whole family Jason s a high school teacher and coach, while Kyndall juggles college classes and their daughter Kennedy Kyndall Outlaw Kennedy is busy She s on her feet.

It s the inevitable effect of the sun and foot traffic, but it s also a good indicator that it s time for a new coat of penetrating stain or waterproofer Clear toner is great for new, high end redwood or cedar decking, but on weatherbeaten or inexpensive decking, like this pressure treated pine, semitransparent stain is the ticket to

, Tip It s standard that a deck inches or more above grade level must have a railing at least inches tall Be sure to Tip Even if your deck is only or feet off the ground, creating a hatch for access to the c l space is a good idea if you have utilities or pipes that run under your deck Rustic Porch by

, Electric grills are allowed (provided the foot requirement mentioned above is met) in a NYC apartment building on balconies, terraces, roofs, or yards, as long as co op or condo rules allow it Smaller buildings are often more lenient, as are older buildings, versus larger new high rises, he says.

, HDPE (High density polyethylene) plastic is the type used for most recycled plastic raised beds This is an Hi Greg, i am planning to create a raised bed with composite decking boards Is that composite The deck is falling apart, with some boards literally crumbling under my feet So I was thinking

Set a timber in the trench and check it for level Then, stake the timber in place by using a small sledgehammer to drive foot long rebar spikes through the holes and into the ground When necessary, use a circular saw to cut a timber to length use a inch wide foam brush to apply wood preservative to all freshly cut

Concrete footing forms like the Sakrete concrete form at right (available at Home Depot) are ideal for pouring concrete footings for porch foundations They usually come in foot lengths are are inches in diameter Concrete Unlike decks, ledger board flashing for front porches may or may not be required I however

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That makes one of the largest plastic film recyclers in the U.S In fact, the average square foot composite deck contains , recycled plastic bags Elevations is a revolutionary steel deck framing system that provides a stronger, straighter, safer and smarter foundation for high performance