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, Its height and stout clumps make switchgrass valuable as an accent grass, a foundation planting, or a low windscreen or living fence, or planted as a back of the border prairie grass As with any large, long lived grass, plan for its eventual size and for the fact that, although it is a clump former, it will spread

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, A fun winter project can be finding a replacement fabric and or sewing new covers yourself After the covers that you re keeping are washed, fold and store them in Modern Grill Tools Accessories Weber Vinyl Performer Grill Cover Weber Vinyl Performer Grill CoverCover or store your grill.

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, Items of clothing are made from materials such as cotton which contain cellulose, a termites favourite dish Use termite resistant or treated fence posts Replace wooden fence posts with ones made from metal and rock If you live in an area prone to termite activity opt for an alternative garden feature to

, It seems like a shame to take a Christmas tree home for a few weeks over the holidays, just to toss it on the curb for the recycling truck Instead of heading to the tree lot this weekend, consider stopping by your local nursery for a potted conifer that can be brought in for the holidays year after year Here s how

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, In choosing how to cover your ground layer, consider making it as sustainable as possible by choosing locally sourced materials and plants that are well adapted to the site conditions soil type, available moisture, sun exposure and fertility Limit runoff from the property by using as many water permeable

, Crochet suitable for an antique canopy bed, rose fabric plucked from an English cottage and a spot in a flower garden make this hammock a romantic heaven Contemporary Landscape by EPT DESIGN EPT DESIGN Contemporary The undulating shape of this wicker hammock is ergonomic and futuristic

, If it s too cold to do this now, note what needs to be done, including repainting, and get any needed parts or materials Look at your pillows and cushions to see if they need replacing or simply a good cleaning Tip Sales on outdoor furniture and related products seem to start earlier and earlier every year

, The idea for the wall came after the designers put out a request on social media, asking people to nominate their favorite smells Baled haylage and freshly turned earth were two of the top choices, along with more unusual and personal ones, such as dusty vinyl, the smell of puppies and the aroma of

, How to make a low sew Men s DIY Flannel Scarf Materials (will make scarves) yards of wide plaid flannel shirting, pre washed (I purchased mine at JoAnn s at off) thread sewing machine seam reaper or large needle Simple Straight Stitch Sewing for DIY Men s Flannel Scarf Directions .

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, Eclectic Landscape by Garden Arts Manchester Fence Company Garden Arts Manchester Fence Company Choose you conifer palette Now that you have decided on the mood and focal points your garden should have, we can go shopping Good garden centers offer an appetizing buffet of conifers in