lightweight pvc external cladding panel

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Real stone could be ok for skirting or accents but you would need to research more and get the lightest possible stone available if you wanted to install it to the side of your mobile home Higher cost faux panels even use real stone that has been smashed into very small pieces to give the appearance a more natural look.

, Lighting pipes on the roof decrease electricity costs by percent, a rainwater harvesting system will take stress off the local water grid and the exterior s panels are in part derived from recycled copper Built partially out of bricks sourced from construction dust, the seat arena will remain after the

, Materials such as mineral wool insulation boards and acoustic matting have achieved up to dB reduction in single ply systems Wind uplift Protection against wind PVC has been in use as a roofing membrane since the early s and is the most commonly used membrane for roofing It can have a

, The passive solar design and alignment, aluminium PVC double glazing and heavily insulated Hebel Panel walls help most apartments achieve EER Repurposed corrugated iron roofing, some dating back to , is used throughout the development for upper storey cladding, blade walls and waste

, Until recently, the architecture world largely viewed plastic polymers as inferior building materials, handy for wipe clean kitchen surfaces, but not ETFE was originally developed in the s by DuPont as a lightweight, heat resistant film to serve as a coating for the aerospace industry Since that time

An apparatus and method for attaching photovoltaic solar panels to a roof system surface for attaching thin film and framed solar panels in a way that can be readily installed on and removed from a variety of different type roof surfaces, is durable, lightweight, accommodates the various weather conditions encountered by