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The aluminum handrail industry suffers from a serious problem Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year on repairing concrete balcony edges and replacing railings due to the corrosion that occurs when aluminum is embedded in concrete in a harsh (beach or salty) environment The problem arises because the

As an alternate, or as a supplement, to a plurality of camera receiving stations, a camera can be movably mounted on a rail that also functions as a power strip that is Thus, the driver simply removes the failed video element (for later repair) and drives temporarily with the non electronic conventional mirrored element that

Accordingly, what is needed in the art is an insulated concrete form system that reduces or eliminates the use of ties to create a clear work space between the The insulated concrete form system of claim , further comprising a railing adapted for insertion into the first and the second scaffold member to provide a safe

Additionally, the typical push on joint does not include a restraining means, though such means as tie bars, concrete thrust blocks, screws, and additional ring initial installation of a mechanical joint, the inventor notes the value and applicability of use of the present invention to retrofit or repair existing mechanical joints.

Methods and apparatus for joining or repairing wall or ceiling panels such as sheet rock, gypsum boards, plywood, or other generally planar wall panels Means are provided for permanently joining the edges of wallboard panels, ceiling panels, or the like at any desired position along the length of the wall frame or ceiling

The undivided floor has a railing in the area of a lateral border of the floor and is displaceable together with the railing at right angles to the opening of the canopy An electric motor , which engages with a pinion a roller chain , which extends in parallel to the running rails and tie two ends of which are fastened to

Used in industrial applications, such as railroad ties, piling (both salt water and fresh water), and for utility poles Copper Azole (CA B) is a water borne copper based wood preservative with an organic co biocide (Tebuconazol) Similar in color, to CCA C, odorless, clean, paintable or stainable Copper Azole is approved by

, Conventional building products, particularly for use in siding, trim, railing, decking and fencing, have included natural wood The material disclosed by the patent is a wood thermoplastic composite material generally having wt polyethylene matrix incorporating wt wood component.

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For use about the perimeter during construction of multi story building, a safety railing comprising a plurality of substantially vertical stanchions interconnected with The preferred embodiment provides an extrusion with four flanged U shaped channels in back to back relationship, one on each face of the stanchion, and

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This patent discloses a method to produce particle board panels made from wood flakes or other lignocellulosic materials with a high moisture content household moldings such as crown moldings, chair rails, baseboards, door moldings, etc picture frames, furniture trim and other products mentioned in this application.

, filed , and applicant s patent application entitled Insulated Concrete Form and Method of Using Same, Ser beams, railings, pipe, vaults, underwater infrastructure, modular paving products, retaining walls, storm water management products, culverts, bridge systems, railroad ties, traffic barriers,

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The heart can be stopped while the surgeon performs surgery and repair upon the patient s heart These V clamps hold a support rod in a parallel relationship with either arm to which the V clamp is clamped to The railing portion of either arm can have a wedge shape in cross section as illustrated in FIG .

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The interchangeability of end beam positioning with tie beam positioning permits the structural orientation or direction of span of floor or roof infill elements to assume any by replacing infill panel type elements with common wood framing members such as ×s, ×s or ×s and with common plywood skins a

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For example, imagine using a robot to paint or repair a bridge You might try to mount the robot to the bridge itself, but that would involve installation of a complicated railing system as well as a position sensor of some kind The quickest approach may in fact be to mount the robot to a boat, a solution which also makes the

An improved mud sill, for use with a generally horizontal baseplate of a base screw jack of a vertical scaffolding member, is taught that is easy to install and remove without tools and with a minimal amount of labor required The improved mud sill attaches securely to the baseplate of a screw jack or scaffolding assembly

A safety rail system for installation about the perimeter of a rooftop work site comprises a plurality of stanchion supporting bases for attachment to existing building structure, a plurality of stanchions removably held by the bases and having cable receiving links thereon, and a pair of wire rope cable safety rails supplied by a

An improved guard rail system spacer block having a front face, a rear face and an outer circumferential undulating surface surrounding a plurality of individual Reference to documents made in the specification is intended to result in such patents or literature cited are expressly incorporated herein by reference, including

Info Patent citations Non patent citations () Cited by Legal events Similar documents Priority and Related Applications External links USPTO USPTO The roofing system is operable to support any of a variety of roof mounted fixtures, such as, for example, snow fences, solar panels, an antenna, signs,

Scaffolding includes standards to which ledger or tie tubes and diagonal braces are attached to form a removable three dimensional truss The scaffolding is supplemented with the lower adjustable shoes whereas its top can carry railings also formed with ledger and tie tubes () attached to extensions of the