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They essentially took trash and repurposed it into a home and it only cost them ,! Wait What , Shipping container homes have been a popular trend in the last few years People love the idea of taking an old corrugated metal shipping container, foot long and foot wide, and turning it into a stylish,

Narrative of shed style and truss style roof construction, from installing the rafter plate to setting your beam and rafters Calculate rise and run Explore porch construction books gable front porch roof on home Porch Roof Construction Ideas Aspects of roof construction and material selection along with metal roof ideas

, They can be used in a multitude of ways as an affordable tiny home, a vacation or weekend cabin, or as a traveling home on wheels Next, she built a portable deck that can be removed easily whenever she wants to take the camper on the road Dorothy Permanant RV deck Design deck with roof.

Read our great mobile home roofing tips to improve, repair and update your own mobile and manufactured home Flashing The metal strips around the chimney, vents, and skylights and along the marriage line shouldn t be torn or buckled.

season porches and sun rooms are not insulated nor do they have heat and air conditioning, making them less expensive to build Some include only the walls while others also have roof panels Here are some home and porch plans that you can purchase from Family Home Plans to build your three season porch.

Aluminum is an excellent choice as compared to other metal awnings as it is less expensive, requires almost no maintenance, and comes in a variety of colors Small yellow home with aluminum porch awnings Photo courtesy of reclark Advantages of Aluminum Awnings An aluminum awning can be attached to almost any

Combined with turned balusters (railings) and aesthetically pleasing paint, this front porch is truly charming Bay Type porch roof We are often asked what type of roof works best on L shaped homes The front door is usually located in the corner of the L, making it difficult metal awning portico with an adjacent patio area

After Quite the transformation! Cedar porch columns on stone pedestals supporting the metal roof along with an exquisite stone porch skirting make for a warm and inviting front porch This front porch design dramatically changes the appeal of the entire home front porch with both gable and shed type metal roofs

This is a relatively inexpensive way to create a portable screened room on your deck or patio that you can take with you They even Was almost like having a room addition on our small one story home We just The awning fabric acts as the roof of the screen enclosure to prevent insects from accessing your new room.

Engaging front porch designs and front porch ideas for your home along with pictures and plans for designing the perfect porch no matter your home s style Maximize Explore ranch home porch roof designs, column and railing ideas depiction pleasant country front porch with green standing seam metal roof Fantastic

For information about general construction footers, Front Porch Ideas and More (.com), has some nice illustrations that show the poured concrete and pier footings For the metal roof and flashing, you would tuck a single length of flashing, that has been bent to the needed angle, place the flashing under the homes

You can also select among a wide variety of fabric patio and deck covers as well perfect for mobile or manufactured homes too fabric patio cover by The roof panels come in different thicknesses to meet load bearing requirements and the extruded aluminum framing comes in a variety of colors hard top screen porch

Ready k s affordable porch design ideas makes it easy for almost anyone to add a curb appealing front porch to their conventional home, manufactured, movements between the two and to allow a proper flashing for your roof connections, you don t want the porch s weight hanging from the manufactured home.