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, The summer holidays are over and it s back to the grind with a new season full of architecture and design events! Wondering where other This panel will pick the brains of a variety of professionals to frame how architects and designers can ultimately benefit from adopting VR AR tools Fast Forward The

, Views reflected in the mirrored surfaces are framed by the exposed edges of the plywood panels, while a hole inserted in the rear wall of the main seating The Lookout was designed and built by Angus Ritchie and Daniel Tyler as part of their Advanced Architectural Design thesis at Strathclyde University.

, In the continuing Projects by Chicago Architects series, Cliff Dwellers opens up its newest dinner and talk to cultural historian Tim Samuelson Tim looks back on Louis Sullivan s later designs and his deep roots to Chicago Following the presentation, a display of some of Sullivan s work will be on display.

, As a collaborative effort between various departments at the University including Computational Design, and Architectural Design Research, the pavilion encompasses work on various research topics such as Biomimetic Investigation into Shell Structures, Employing the Material and Structural Logic of

, Interest in time and space time is the main preoccupation of philosophy, and space of architecture (but we re interested in both) Increasing There are going to be thesis groups, but also Energy, Environments, and Design Labs, and various funded research projects from the scale of molecules to global

days ago The emerging designers of tomorrow are questioning the current model and lifespan of product design, and seeing opportunities for using new and recycled materials in unprecedented ways This event marks the launch of Franklin Till s new book,with Till chairing a panel discussion on the future of

, With the start of comes book launches and exhibition openings, not to mention Clerkenwell Design Week to look forward to at the end of the month Keep yourself busy on this, another day week, with exhibitions, Saturday Architecture School and cinematic celebrations of great architects Check back

, If you re curious about where design inclined folks are gathering around town, Archinect and Bustler have compiled a snappy list of local architecture and design events that are worth checking out Check back regularly so to make it a reality The evening will feature presentations and a panel discussion.

, Hi Archinect! I was in New Haven today, to interview Michelle Addington I haven t been here since I was a prospective student, so it is somehow fitting to be back now that my M.Arch.I degree is done It was also great to spend some time with Michelle, as her work is so interesting and her move

, We ve already talked about this You re preparing your final project (or thesis project) You ve gone over everything in your head a thousand times the presentation to the panel, your project, your model, your memory, your words You go ahead with it, but think you ll be lousy Then you think just the

, Rebecca My Masters of Architecture thesis at RPI gave me the chance to pursue research in human perception and its relation to the simulative and built The point is to design a process that is easy to understand and replicate to create a market for these panels in areas that have agricultural scarcity.

, Curator Liam Young brings together a panel of directors, concept artists, video game designers, actors, and storytellers including Hannah Beachler, Production Designer (Moonlight, Beyonce s Lemonade) Rick Carter, Production Designer (Star Wars The Force Awakens) Mike Mignola, Comics Artist

, Thesis Showcase focuses on architecture school graduates by encouraging them to demonstrate their work in an environment that offers opportunities to engage with local architectural professionals, network within the community and gain industry exposure The jury panel ranked all the submissions based

, Architects and designers constantly use graphic elements as expressive means in the schematization of their works Among them, the most common are the d ings, in a constant variety of techniques, styles, and patterns But among the elements that make up the boards, panels and d ings, techniques

, Just like the musician who lives his art, or the athlete who loves her sport, there are people that love architectural design, deeply, but fewer architects are needed to create buildings in this generation Common Edge Architectural panel tape proves its strength with SPF architects Double Stick project.

Architectural design projects are the life and soul of architecture school As a student, you are always working on one, and somehow it becomes what your life is revolving around You would give it every possible effort and believe you have done your best, but on jury day, when you see everyone else s project you could

, Curious where to find interesting architecture related happenings in Los Angeles, or where other design inclined folks are gathering But the event isn t just an awarding there ll also be a panel on architecture and ecology in LA with Michelle Sullivan, Elizabeth Timme, and Deborah Weintraub Not to be

, A Smarter City Smart Buildings Panel Talk ober The global population is set to reach a staggering billion by , with the majority of people living in cities This event will have presentations from practices including Curl la Tourelle Head on how to address the solutions for the architecture of our

, The office design was conceptualized to be place which being leisure is also conductive for people to work in a creative environment, a workplace to enjoy The zoning of Similarly, elliptical ceiling over the reception has a hanging model inspired by Architect s Thesis Project being a focus in space.

, Teman We have a company that we call DIOSCURI, which they started while working on their thesis The logo appeared all over my thesis d ings, I was a little obsessed They work at the intersection of product design, brand strategy, and popular culture Teran A degree in architecture is a degree in

, Design juriesand jurorsform the foundation of the architecture school experience Here are nine types of jurors every architecture student faces These jurors are usually the youngest members of the jury panel and display a knack for focusing on the most immaterial of elements Substantial

, If you re curious about where design inclined folks are gathering around town, Archinect and Bustler have compiled a snappy list of local architecture and Join the Guggenheim for its FLW birthday festivities, or listen in on a panel discussion about the evolving relationship between architecture and the art

Mar , This show is the result of a hand curated group of artists, as selected by a panel of esteemed artists and designers The Balfron Tower Image Joe Roberts Architecture on your Bike Concrete gles of the East il What better way to explore the urban environment, than by bike OpenCity have set

, In this case, Clark and Chalmers bring forward a third positionthe Extended Mind Thesis (EMT) to challenge traditional hypothesises, On one hand, architects potentially gain another type of constructing on space, not only in the feedback phase mentioned before but also in designing phase.

, Architecture and Design will be the highlight of Ceramics, Portugal Does It Better presence at Design, in London Among other architects, Luis Pedro Silva will be at Building for Everyone panel dedicated to discuss approaches to create buildings for the general public from social housing to large

Mar , From our first mid term review, about two months into our degree, we re thrown into the deep end as we present our designs before a panel of fancy name architects and big word academics Review after review, we evolve from bashful novices to assertive professionals If that is not a test in public speaking,

Not sure if this has been raised before but is there any reason architecture can t be offered learned in an on line or on line intense mode of study I understand the design component is collaborative and requires that approach but surely this could be completed intensively and the remaining