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, Whether it is a deck, or a wood planked wall like mine, come see the fastest way to stain a large area But don t worry, I had a foot wall next to it that was crying out to be covered in gorgeous gray stained wood We will be staining stair treads other wooden areas in our this would be perfect.

dog stairs top Out of the blue one day, our dog refused to walk down the stairs in our home the ones that connect the first floor to the second floor He also had no trouble going down similar steps on our deck outside This time, I did a better job of covering all of the risers and stair treads without leaving any gaps.

, My plan was to cover up the wood stairs with new treads (the step) and risers (the facing), so we bought a couple of unfinished pieces to try and figure out how it would work I knew it was too simple because other people would have done this before The problem is the original tread sticks out in front

Mar , This small modern spiral staircase is a made from polished metal with wood stair treads wrapping around it The staircase travels through a hole The stairs of this grand spiral staircase are covered in a black carpet that contrasts the white throughout the space and makes them that much more dramatic.

The spiral stairs in this home lead to an amazing rooftop deck il , ASIA House by Here you can see how the rooftop is covered for protection from the sun ASIA House by Jorge Marsino Prado Gray stair treads create a soft contrast to the white structure of the stairs ASIA House by Jorge Marsino Prado

, The stair treads are covered in a dark stained hardwood Loft apartment in Melbourne by Adrian Amore The ground floor features a bathroom, laundry and pantry space are concealed behind more curving plaster walls The kitchen, living room, dining room and studio are all open plan Loft apartment in

Exterior wood steps can become slippery over time, especially when they re wet Watch this video for an easy tip to make them Align the strip on the step about from the nose of the tread Press the strip down into place Watch this Concrete steps after applying textured concrete coating Textured Concrete Coatings.

, Editors Note We are walking through this deck build chronologically, but stair stringer trim is best left after the treads, risers and stair guards have been installed Save Save After the LedgerLOKs were installed, each post got a plastic spacer which serves as a guide for the PVC trim cover Pro Tip The

Mar , Step Vacuum the step until completely clean Once you have removed the carpet you will either be blessed to reveal real hardwood under your carpet or be cursed like me and reveal MDF treads and rough plywood risers If you have MDF and plywood then you will need plan on covering up the plywood

, Perhaps it is stock for steps, perhaps much longer covering board material Each part will have specific requirements both in length and width, but also in the desired grain pattern For instance, when buying material for a stair tread that will eventually have a bullnose profile, both the face and one edge must