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, If you are building a USS Constitution model from a kit, you have a choice of plastic and wood models Buy Now In fact, Revell makes the most popular and best selling plastic USS Constitution model kits in general Revell s USS Constitution model kits are based on the detailed model built by the ship s

, Buy some glass st s instead of using those wimpy plastic ones You can t Buy fresh food devoid of packaging (it is often plastic laden) to eliminate plastic from your life Lincoln logs, however, are made out of wood, so if your kid sticks one in his her mouth you don t have to have a plastic panic attack.

(i.e no large plastic eye sores!) To solve these problems, I would just buy the Future Foodie Play Kitchen Sink, and make a few customizations I would paint the The only negative is that there is no storage for the play food or other accessories, but you could always get a nice wooden crate to keep everything in Or even

, The beaches of Henderson Island are littered with plastic razor blades, toothbrushes and scoops from containers of baby formula, coffee and laundry powder Turtles get tangled in fishing wire Land crabs make their homes in toxic plastic Despite sitting , miles from the nearest factory or human

, I also reach for wooden planes and one of my hopes is that I can one day buy and own a set of Philly planes made by Phil Edwards because of his quality and the fact that wooden planes glide across wood so beautifully Click here to see his beautiful work From the practical perspectives I buy many of my

, A major railroad in the United States has signed up to buy million worth of recycled plastic railroad ties over the coming years The ties will be used to replace old wood ties Axion said railroads in the U.S buy about million ties a year for maintenance Axion s ties are made of recycled high density

, A wood cutting blade with forty or more teeth works very well for cutting plastic pipe The only thing you need to be cautious about is the speed of cut Just remember the slower, the better If you force the blade into the pipe too quickly, it can get stuck in the pipe, kick back toward your body, or chip along the

, The last year or so I ve been making a concerted effort to DE CLUTTER I feel so much better when there isn t so much stuff around! I m pretty Continue Reading Buy wood toys instead of plastic Quality wooden toys can be passed down for generations, or at least to several siblings, cousins or neighbors.