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While out attending garage sales on a Saturday, I came across an estate sale with some interesting old items Some old plated silverware in a little wooden box captured my attention I wanted to buy it just because it had such a neat old pattern design on the handles I had no idea what to do with it but wanted to create an

, I lost track) and spread them, sop them, wring them out and drag them across the kitchen solid oak hardwood floors The kitchen cabinets (top and bottom), countertops, bathroom cabinet, floor joists, subfloors, ductwork, floorboards, wall paint, and I don t remember what all else had to be replaced.

Next, install the separated deck boards onto your nd pallet to create a solid table top Then, add an extra board or two, depending on the table leg choice you make, to provide additional support If more storage space is needed, you can fully clad both sides of the pallet to create deeper storage pockets If you want a little

Valentine s Day is almost here! Love can be shown (and shared) in many ways, but skip the store bought teddy bears and coffee mug Make Valentine s day pallet projects for your loved ones! Valentine s Day Pallet Project Create a relaxing space that reminds him or her how much you love them! Two Hearts Become One

I m on a hunt for the best flooring options for mobile homes! Here s a I restrained from going into a minute speech about the various flooring options for mobile homes and why he was so very wrong If you re anything like me, you re going to change your mind several times, especially if one of my choices goes on sale.

, I have said many times that ANYTHING will sell at a yard sale Yes! Even underwear and old nail polish I have watched it happen Whether or not an item goes is based on two factors Who visits your yard sale How you price your stuff And honestly, I think the second factor is much more important than the

, Daniel Becker Design Studio creates furniture from transportation pallets The most costly were broken down to create checkered parquet flooring In total, pallets were used to complete the project Shitomito Palette by Hiroki Tominaga Atelier A rule of Japanese real estate is we always have to clear

, pallet full of airstone Save Now for some reason I had it in my head that AirStone was made of a dense foam I don t know where I got that from, but as The hardest part of the project was cutting the stones lengthwise when I got to the top of the wall and around the window Guest Room Paper Flooring

Enjoy our selection of pallet bars indoor and outdoor bars, Tiki style, casual backyard ones, U shaped, L shaped and many more pallet bars from the easiest to the hardest one Make a bar with a little bit of style add a concrete top! The pallets are held together with bolts, and the concrete top adds a bit of class!

, We created a board on which to display some of our sale items by fixing through onto a plywood backing individual pieces of pallet timber cut to run in two directions We then framed the whole area again using pallet pieces which were mitered at the corners Individual pieces were then color stained

I made this headboard from old pine pallets, and the corner posts are from an old crate Filled up all the nail holes with wood filler and sanded it down with a belt sander I stained it dark with a poly wax sealer adding ebony stain Think it came out nice King Size Pallet Headboard DIY Pallet Bed Headboard Frame Save.

, I did some research and decided I wanted a platform style bed using wooden pallets on casters Unfortunately, finding a pallet that isn t in need of some stray nail removal, major sanding and general TLC would not prove easy, so I decided it would be best to make my own pallets (material list at end of post)

Wire spool upcycled into a beautiful dining table This project is really simple and this is something any DIYer can do! Your turn! )

I made this King Size Pallet Bed Frame from five pallets It is made in four independent sections headboard, footboard, and two side rails.

This Pallet Wood Bottle Opener is a fast, entertaining project to do! It is an excellent gift idea for that certain someone with a man cave (or she shack).

, Sometimes all of the chatter around the blogosphere can make so much noise that you don t know what the best way to do something actually is That s what I am here for my friends, I will be the Everywhere an end of your board hits (on a corner, door frame, floor etc.) you will need a degree angle.

I eyeballed everything I knew I didn t want any of my vertical breaks to be in the same place and I also tried to line the planks up where I wouldn t have the same size stacked on top of each other For example, here is how I started the wall How to plank a wall You can see that my bottom board is The next one is .

, The laborious task of manually stacking or unstacking floor loaded product from a commercial tractor trailer is known as fluid loading unloading in the With a background in sales and engineering, I have combined to two skill sets to provide a warm, yet professional presence to Bastian Solutions of Atlanta.