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, M?hn Bouman Architects has given a facelift to an institutional daycare centre near Rotterdam by covering the facade in fencing made from chestnut wood The rural theme continues on the ground floor facade, where the architects printed a large scale photo collage of a coppicing wood by British

Mar , Town that dared to ban gipsy invaders Illegal camps like this blight towns across Britain But now furious at police inaction Some are most offended by the mess not just the rubbish but the human waste left on footpaths, in private gardens and even on a playground slide Others say that their abiding

, Grim The view through the perimeter fence of Kraft s factory in kowice where Terry s Chocolate Oranges are now made kowice is a collection of squat Oranges are produced We are aware of how important the brand is in the UK and we are making every effort to preserve and respect its heritage

, These photographs by ien Lanoo show a French driving test centre by Samuel Delmas Architectes, which is camouflaged to look like a fence Centre d Examen du Contracting authority Ministère de l écologie, du développement durable, des transports et du logement DDE Av B Frachon

, It works for individuals In many cases, if you can get a good rack of solar panels on your roof, your monthly savings will be equivalent to making an investment that performs better Then, use some sturdy lag bolts and washers to hold down the L shaped brackets that come with the solar racking kit.

, Structural plants are important if you want to provide long lasting interest, as this show garden at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show add structure throughout the year, even when they ve lost their leaves, and traditional hedges are much softer and cheaper to install than a hard fence or wall.

It s not like I replaced a fence panel with an off coloured variation, so it stood out like a stoinker in a pair of Speedos There was nothing alarming about the finished product, in my opinion But my tenant genuinely seemed mortified by it The sudden appearance of two metal brackets in the garden was evidently too much

, Once the leather panels are installed, they become a permanent design element of the room since they can t be removed without damaging the substrate and drywall beneath If you d like a That said, leather floors are relatively durable and with proper maintenance can last two decades or even longer.

, However there are some big differences in materials and techniques between the USA, Europe, the U.K and the Philippines Looking at how things were We bought a good quality twenty circuit panel box with a sturdy copper buses for about P, at Western Lamp in Iloilo City This box uses GE style

, A simple pet door meant to be installed in a home s exterior door has a frame of aluminum or plastic and one or two hard or soft flaps that pets pass through Of all the pet doors, this is This version from Larson Storm Doors has a pet door built in and a strong pet resistant screen Traditional Porch by

, Dan Jackson and his three year old son Ruben are scared to go outside as tube web spiders have filled every hole and crack in their garden and walls Sightings of the spider in Britain have in the past been confused with the deadly Australian funnel web spider as the two species use a similar hunting

, [Dave Hakkens] graduated from the Design Academy of Eindhoven and decided to try his hand at making affordable plastic recycling machines His reasoning He didn t create anything that proves the homemade plastic he s creating is as strong durable as commercial grade plastic items Also I m sure

, The YouTube user attached a camera to his cat s collar only to find it was the neighborhood bully as he saw it attacking other cats.

, This cute farm house can be used indoors or outside as it is made from durable plastic that is assembled easily and can be folded down for quick storage It is suitable for children of Great for parents who do not want their garden filled up with garish brightly coloured plastic toys From notonthehighstreet.

, Made primarily from highly durable, medical grade plastic and foam, Campana s devices cost, on average, between and , They are crafted on plaster molds made from limb casts sent in from owners, veterinarians and rehab facilities around the world Some animals will require multiple sets of