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Beautiful Backyard Building Projects A smart option is to build a handsome wood lean to shed against the house near the patio or garden Whether big or small, used in pairs or on their own, planter boxes are a cheery way to flank an entry, break up an expansive patio, or simply add a splash of color to a small yard.

, Garden container ideas Wall mounted planters If you love creative fence and wall art, see the idea gallery here Old toy truck I got this one at the curbside Here it s hauling wood Eventually I planted it with succulents Garden container ideas Toy truck planter Window box a classic way to pretty

, Related orate a Fence with Faux Windows and Doors This idea started popping up in gardens a few years ago take and old picture frame or window (without glass), a wooden easel, and create an art scene This one has a floral Here they ve added shutters and a flower pot window box Ideas

, Make your backyard beautiful AND add privacy to your deck and patio with these Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas! One of my very favorite projects that I did at the Cottage was adding a trellis to the front window of the home I think it How to make a vinyl garden box in one morning without big tools.

, Luckily, I had the perfect project to use it on a faux window on the back of our garden shed I wanted to make sure they had something pretty to look at instead of a big gray shed butt I toyed with the I ve been wanting to do something similar but I would put it on a privacy fence with a flower box Thanks

, Parr Lumber Vancouver Parr Vancouver blew us out of the water with their unique planter box bench (photo at top) This beautiful bench is not only extremely creative, but also practical Use the two posts to plant flowers, herbs or bushes Can you imagine how wonderful a fragrant plant like lavender would

, I actually grew to like my last planter box, but not enough to throw me off my original plan So I gave it I have done this many times without incident but recently had a nail exit the wood at an angle and into my finger, probably hit a knot or hardspot in the wood No major To use your words just Lovely .

, With more than linear feet of planter boxes to fill in our backyard, we didn t want to take any chances We ve been snapping phone photos of pretty gardens for inspiration all summer, but we didn t want to take any chances by purchasing plants on looks alone and crossing our fingers that all would turn

, That means our fence is super long Don t get me wrong, I LOVE having a fence but it isn t the most attractive thing in our yard I decided to add some planter boxes I build a simple planter box and painted it the same blue as the flower pots and chair The I screwed them directly onto to fence I had the

, Small space gardeners rejoice! These colorful vertical planters contain a garden in just over a square foot of wall space Vertical gardening like this is not only a smart way to get some extra plants to your garden, but it can turn an old fence into a gallery wall I filled my vertical planter boxes with annuals that

, This project combines a large, raised garden bed with a privacy wall to create a sheltered location for growing plants as well as displaying garden art If you want When you have terrible soil like I do (sand sand sand), raised beds solve a lot of problems Amongst other Here s a pretty mitered corner .

, We dug a trench in front of the planter boxes since the dirt was so rocky The trench also got filled with the new dirt and compost to become a flowerbed I planted one of my favorite flowers, zinnias! Don t they look amazing next to the beautiful walnut stain I love that you can still see the gorgeous wood

, We shall show you a number of living wall planter ideas which will help you not only have a beautiful vertical garden but will be good for your plants as well In addition, using old wooden pallets as living wall planters saves time and efforts which is of great importance to many busy people wall mounted

Garden walk filled with magnificent flowers and a miniature fairy garden, gnome garden, garden ornaments, and a white picket fence I love their idea of turning three old doors into a privacy fence and place for hanging signs and plaques I had a wonderful time on your garden walk and left filled with inspiration.

, Monrovia flower boxes I added moisture control potting soil, because I ve found that container gardens and window boxes get dry quickly when they are in full sun Don t you love the boxes Ryan built them out of cedar and added scraps from a fence project on the ends Love that little fence ear detail.

, For example, in my old garden, we had a very long, narrow side yard, with fence and the house on either side The birds would You might notice the metal window box is lined with burlap You could add protection with some outdoor polyurethane over the wood areas, or just let the weather do its thing.

Plans and ideas for creating an attractive vegetable garden fence An attractive garden fence also offers some cover during the less attractive stages of vegetable gardening Surround a gardening spot using a hedge and install a wooden garden gate underneath an arbor or trellis to make a beautiful entranceway.

, Those of you who doesn t live in suburbs or somewhere in a forest might still want to have a beautiful garden in your backyard we re here to help to use planters that can be moved, hanging planters, window boxes, allow your trees grow through your terraces and porches, decorate your fence or even

Create privacy, solve landscape problems, and see how others have improved the look of their front porches and homes From flower beds to picket fence in front of wonderful front porch Picket Fence Ideas See these neat picket fence ideas you can use in your yard flower baskets hanging from porch ceiling Hanging

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shares quick tips for building beautiful window boxes Attach two galvanized steel right angle brackets to the house wall directly below a window On vinyl siding, be sure to insert two small wood blocks behind each bracket to avoid crushing the siding Drill pilot holes