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, In Boston, where heritage is king, landscape designer Matthew Cunningham strikes a balance between historical reverence and thoughtful simplicity with a revamped square foot entry courtyard My goal was to unite the program requirements with a space that felt firmly rooted in a palette of materials

, In the world of skyscraper design, thin is most definitely in at the moment ODA New York s East th Street arguably trumps its rivals in the luxury stakes however, as it will offer some residents their own spacious sky high garden.

, Putting together three new beds recently got me to thinking about the ups and downs of gardening in raised beds Might need to buy soil gardening in the ground is free Anyone wanting SUN Garden design diagrams can email me at haywoodfarm@ with SUN garden design as header.

, Gardening and Landscaping concrete slab into a distinctive outdoor retreat takes more than just an updated patio set it requires a few unique design elements and a whole lot of creativity The new design includes a dining room, living area, fire pit and lawn, with good flow from one space to another.

, Home Garden Design, Atlanta Danna Cain, ASLA Add a French drain If a channel on its own isn t enough to divert excess water away from your home, consider installing a French drain, possibly in conjunction with a swale At their most basic, French drains are sloped, gravel packed channels that

, Wittman Estes Landscape Create a custom size and finish Precast pavers can be custom designed to suit your needs Shown here are custom precast concrete plinths fitted together to make a lovely surface for a walkway Work with a landscape architect or designer or a manufacturer of precast concrete to

, Each one includes information about its owner and highlights choices she made in the design Learning how each woman spends time in her shed is inspirational So is learning how and where a handful of them managed to score free windows Kotite did her own case study, joining a team of friends to