concrete roof steel decking in the philippines

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, While some VERY expensive homes use steel, of residential properties are still built with wood frames No, wood is not the only material used, but it s well over half Between the studs, flooring, roof sheeting, wall sheeting, trim, doors, cabinets Yeah, you pour a concrete foundation, and top the house

, Below one sees a residential area with concrete buildings which retain their roofs and those which did not Keep in mind that some buildings retained their entire roof structure rafters, purlins and sheet metal roofing This suggests that a good roof and withstand the highest winds tacloban_bldg_.

, Located near Turin, Italy, Casa Y is an elegant family home built from materials like concrete, steel and glass Natural disasters like this, and more recently the typhoon that hit the Philippines in early ember, serve to remind those of us in the green design community that while building with pure

, The architects responded to their clients needs by building the pool on the roof of the four story house Residents and The huge concrete slab perched atop the structure weighs tons its weight holds the house together at its center of gravitylike a giant thumb pinning down a precarious Jenga stack.

Drill several pilot holes along your markings, then use a jigsaw to cut out the circles (you may need to buy an extra long blade) Make the beefy shelf supports by gluing together pairs of stock corbels attach them to the shelf with stainless steel deck screws, and coat everything with a protective clear stain Hang the shelf