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, After I measured the area where I wanted it to hang, I wrote down the dimensions and grabbed my hubby for a little DIY date Those are my favorite First, we headed to Home Depot to get our lumber and frame supplies For the sign, we bought cedar tongue and groove planks that slid together and cedar

, Choosing wood for a tongue and groove plank wall First of all, What Well, it s actually called Wood Plank, Planking, × or × or x whatever, pine, tongue and groove, V groove Beaded planks Fo reals! My local Home Depot carries × planks and my local lumber yard carries × and ×.

, After chatting with a super helpful employee at Lowe s (I m starting to really love that store, by the way), we settled on using pine tongue and groove boards They cost a little more than I from the hardware store The hardware would all be hidden up inside the closet, so it didn t matter what the finish was.

, On the other hand, I have Trafficmaster Allure wood look vinyl planks (sold at Home Depot) in one bathroom and LOVE it at this point as been on the most trafficed area, the seams where the ends butt up against eachother (not the tounge and groove, but the width of the boards) are startign to space out.

, () inch pieces of pine tongue and groove boards{mine were approximately inches in width} for the front and back of the box If you are I headed down to Home Depot and picked up L brackets {for each crate}, some screws, and spray painted them all with some oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

, Some of the ideas we had where, barn wood (not very plentiful in the suburbs of New Jersey), panelingnot reallyan eclectic combination of scrap woodnot as finished as he would like So when we found Cedar Safe Closet Liners (they are available at Home Depot) our decision was made They had

Old houses, man Always cool except for the popcorn ceilings Covering popcorn ceilings with planks is an easy, clean, and inexpensive way to deal with them! The wood has grooves so the tongue of one board fits into the groove of the next Once that central board is up, all you ve gotta do is keep clicking the boards

, At your local hardware store you can find individual tongue and groove planks in packs (like Amy used on her ceiling) you can use sheets of paneling (like you would find in a basement in a house built in ), you can Have it rip cut at Lowes or Home Depot into the width that you want your planks to be.

Mar , sold me was looking at this the other day at Home Depot wasn t sure how to really install this but now i m sold and gonna get some this weekend. Allure recommends that you bring the product into the home and let it acclimate for days (humidity), but this isn t wood, and I don t live in Buffalo.

, Wipe on a couple coats of BLO on furniture, trim, or any bare wood and let it dry until it is no longer tacky (usually hrs) The application is as I am doing a fence with × tongue and groove, clear pine Thanks If not, what do Guys at Home Depot said we have to wait a year for some reason Reply.

, Our first idea involved attaching big sheets of something called eucaboard (from Home Depot) to the ceiling It was thin, it was inexpensive, and it seemed like a It s a V groove, wood plank product by EverTrue, and there s six foot long planks in each pack Save Each pack costs and we figured

Mar , In the rest of our house we used more expensive tongue and groove boards and we had my brother [an expert trim worker] do the shiplap for us For this room we to inch pieces To save a lot of time, I had Home Depot cut the strips of plywood, since they have a much larger set up to cut the ft pieces.

First we put down subflooring, then we replaced the walls, using tongue and groove bead board on the bottom and drywall on the top We used Mitch built the vanity out of scrap wood { cause he s crafty like that!} The ceiling light fixture was also replaced with an industrial cage light found at Home Depot for about .

, Standard attic ladders fit an attic opening of ? X , and if you wanna supersize it, you can get one up to X in aluminum or X in wood Of course, not every dwelling space has room for a full size access ladder But even if your ceiling space is tighter than Chris Christie s Speedo, don t

, Tenon saw Tongue and Groove planes or Plough plane or Rabbet plane (to be discussed) The joints we are making are Through housing dado Stopped housing dado Mortise and tenon joint (through) Mortise and tenon joint (stopped) Mortise and tenon joint (stub) Mortise and tenon joint (haunched).

, Keep in mind this space is still unfinished (hence no kick plates, upper cabinets, or hardware)! But girls we have shiplap and that s good enough for me Some walls use planks, some use traditional shiplap, and others are made from tongue and groove We bought these at Home Depot for a board.

, The only thing I purchased for this project was the × for about at Home Depot Everything else I had on hand, including wood scraps used for the trim and feet, and the paint You can modify the size of the planter or type of trim you add depending on what you have on hand, if you do happen to

, My flashing was purchased at HomeDepot but you can find it at many hardware stores Mine was feet long so it doesn t meet the total length needed Overlap by inches for transitions and caulk between the flashing transitions Use metal snipers to cut the final piece BE CAREFUL WEAR GLOVES!

, Floors To Your Home (.com) ganna be talking about your producing in class tmrw ) an ideal new materials in the markets thnx ) planing on buying this is the near future for my home and the good thing is that i m designing But I saw in some comment that said these planks too need floor to be leveled.

These materials are widely available in most builder supply stores, like Lowe s or Home Depot and can be bought at a substantial savings since the stores can buy the products in bulk and pass the savings off to the buyers The builders grade style creates a clean slate for any style but can still stands on its own beautifully.

, We bought our wood at Home Depot and their was a big sign on the side of the ginormous saw in the cutting area that said, We will not cut exact measurements! I ignored the sign and asked nicely if they d mind cutting our sheet of plywood and × s to size I gave them the exact measurements and they