can composite decking be laid directly on grass

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Watch this video to find out how to lay a paver driveway and stain a concrete patio to improve your yard What do you think These should come up Andy Morton Yeah, definitely, we need to pull these pavers out, so we can get a good, straight line to start on right here And we ll want to bring the level up, because I think

Most pest control companies advise against piling mulch against the side of your house, since it can increase the chance of termites entering your home This is good advice, tunneling structures Also, watch for termite activity and damage inside your home, and address any problems immediately to limit the damage ie

Ken asks, What is the best grass to plant in sandy soil that will withstand drought Sandy soil increases the effects of drought by draining water rapidly.

There are many materials that can be used to create a walkway or path in your yard including stone, brick, gravel, and concrete Determine the location of the path and remove any existing grass or obstacles For extra support, add a layer of gravel before Allen Lyle laying a stepping stone path Lay a Stepping Stone

How to Lay Out and Paint Stripes on Interior Walls By Danny Painting vertical stripes on walls isn t that difficult, though it takes a bit of preparation to end up with straight, even lines Here s how to go about Measure the width of the wall and choose a stripe width and spacing that can be evenly divided into the wall width.

It can be right outside your back door, it can be at the end of an existing deck, maybe out in the far corner of the grass It doesn t matter where you put it, that s up to you But if you re starting from scratch, here s my recommendation for you, use pavers Pavers are easy to work with, and you can build more than just a patio with

Do I need to be concerned about moisture Gerald Hi Gerald, If there is moisture under the plastic or it feels damp underneath, the slab has too high a moisture content to install a laminate floor If the concrete slab Lay foam sheeting on top of the plastic, if recommended by the maker of your laminate flooring Place the

Laying out and installing posts for a fence in your yard is not that difficult if you take the time to make sure everything is straight and level To set the fence post for a wooden picket The length of the cut can be found by adding the depth of the hole to the height of the fence panel A miter saw with a blade is the best tool

Use a chalk line to ensure a perfectly straight layout line Where the new wall will intersect existing walls, you ll need to either remove or notch the baseboards and crown molding If you notch it, as we did here, don t forget to allow a half inch for drywall on either side of the stud We re building our wall directly on top of the

, But, if you need a great spot to host a barbecue or shoot the breeze with your buddies, you just can t beat a deck wooden pallet deck with pallets from ReStore, The Second Wind of Texas featured on Remodelaholic We then secured timbers going straight out, and laid decking boards across those.

Watch this video as we put Quicklawn, four season grass seed to the test during a hot Southern summer to see if it really works as well as the advertising It does seem like the areas where it s out in direct sunlight and the areas where the ground was bare before are the areas where it s had problems Because you come