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, Watching on A lifeguard patrols on her surf board as people enjoy the hot weather today on the East beach in Bognor Regis, West Sussex Too hot to trot Last night tens of thousands of sweltering commuters endured an evening of chaos on the trains as the heatwave caused havoc with the rail network.

, Perception is also key as you don t want to overshoot a railing Agility is crucial and as you have to be able to hold your own body weight you Throwing darts with my non dominant hand was tricky and I missed the board with my first two Tight hamstrings and sore knees meant I struggled with the squats..

, MILITANT trade unions are to blame for rail commuters travel misery and not the Government, instead Travel Secretary Chris Grayling during a feisty radio interview.

, It was only built in , explaining its single platform and slightly cheap furnishings the Eighties in South Yorkshire were not a time of great riches Silkstone Common seems to be a thriving little community, judging by the notice board outside the Station Inn The British Legion, a Parish Council, a call to

, The pet cat was seen hanging from the railings outside Moston Spiritualist Church in Manchester Left to die in a plastic bag The cat was visible from the pavement and from the street and whoever did it must have known there was a service on because it s advertised on a board outside church.

, the vessel catered for , passengers looked after by a , strong crew with two indoor swimming pools, beauty salons, libraries, a music studio and even outdoor paddle tennis courts The Queen Mary GETTY FACEBOOK A long forgotten room on the Queen Mary has been rediscovered by workers

, A devastated woman from Sydney s northern beaches described the moment she watched her pool and garden collapse into the ocean after a savage storm lashed the state on Sunday A swimming pool, clothesline and fence were almost completely submerged by flood water on Monday in Sydney.

, Passing a Morrison s that had turned a mill chimney into a giant advertising board for its superstore, a move that struck me as horribly crass, I turned A sunflower in one garden was very, very dead, but the cane kept the stem upright, its big brown head lolling forward as though it was begging to be put out

, PASSENGERS on board a luxury Caribbean cruise ship have recorded the terrifying moment a mph fueled hurricane tore through the vessel carrying more than tourists with no end in sight.

, Breakfast was a wonderful spread of a perfect continental feast We even took our coffee in the garden out the back of the chateau after breakfast to relax in the morning sunshine while reading the papers On board the Maritime museum, Ahoy there! While we were strolling around the old port we came

, Now and then The Lyceum Theatre in Covent Garden hasn t changed in almost a century Copy link to paste in your message Copy link to paste in your message I love it, especially when you see people, or when you realise the scene has barely changed like outside Dirty Dicks pub by Liverpool Street

, A sign board in the window of the local furniture shop advertised an upcoming production of Grease with photos of the cast in their s garb The old building and associated tracks were swept away so that the people of Whitehaven could get slightly cheaper baked beans in return, the railway got this .

, Irish multi millionaire Peter Sutherland, who advocates unlimited migration to Europe, provoked outrage by railing against the Government s latest project to protect Up to , migrants are now living at the camp and are using desperate and violent measures to try and board trucks heading for the UK.