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, Here s a closer look at melissaskidmore s beautiful handiwork along the railing Bedecked Red, lime and purple ornaments are a fabulous and unexpected holiday color combination We will have construction going on in a few days, so elaborate was not in this year, says Houzzer Victoria.

I purchased them in Marin at Wooden Duck but they are offered by many other on line companies In San Francisco, Flora Beautiful garden cottage with picket fence as a finishing touch and the house looks as if it would be as adorable inside as it is outside However, Mill Valley real Pinney Construction Inc Love and

, The storage cabinets below the bench include driftwood hardware made by Breen s husband, David Good Contemporary Staircase by Atmosphere Design Build Atmosphere Design Build The stairs, built by Dorian Kerr, include stair treads made from Douglas fir, and steel and cable wire for the railing

, This runoff often contains biological contamination, from fertilizer and pet waste to oils from roads and driveways The cost of conveying and treating this runoff is considerable, which is why an increasing number of public utilities are offering incentives to homeowners who reduce runoff by building rain

, Build in defined spaces and secluded sitting areas If you like the soft touch of carpet The combination of stone and lush topiary hedges is always a successful one Lay of the Landscape French Garden Style beyond to convince you to explore This simple garden fence and doorway are picture perfect.

The side room where I slept held a combination of old quilts, fresh linens, feather pillows, ticking mattresses and an old armoire that held the few dresses my grandmommy HOUZZ Someone should go and take some pics of the house in England that is rumored to have the hull of the MAYFLOWER upended as the roof!

, Grow them against a fence to protect them from wind or near a house on a south facing wall if your winters are long and cold Provide well drained soil and lots of water as the new trees are becoming established, especially in warmer zones Traditional Landscape by Glenna Partridge Garden Design.

, The homeowners originally thought to set the breakfast table in the front room and create a more elaborate dining room down the hall and at the back of the second story As the design evolved, they decided to keep the dining room adjacent to the kitchen in the front, so the back room became a combination

Mar , Named in honor of William III, King of England, and designed by Royal Governor Francis Nicholson, Williamsburg is one of the country s oldest planned communities Restored When you ve got a small cottage or outbuilding such as this, a fence that s scaled in proportion to the building is easy on the eye.

, Unlike its many biennial kin (which flower their second year, set seed and die), it tends to come back every year It s also more daintily sized, and its combo of peachy pink flowers with darker purple centers is to die for Southern Charm is happiest in full sun and lean, well drained soil, and grows to around

, A ladder and rail system provides access to a new bank of cabinets feet off the ground and rail system You have to build like on a ship, she says Quartz countertops finish off the work areas while a combination of recessed lighting, ceiling pendants and natural light brightens the entire room.

, Some spots are classic choices for a flower bed, such as along the foundation of your home, nestled against a side or back fence to mark the yard s border, or at the edge The Design Build Company An analogous combination of colors that sit next to each other will give your bed a gradation of shades.

, Houzz UK Editorial Staff Build out a wall If you don t have the option of recessed shelves, or if you want a larger shelf, you could have your installer construct a low false wall, in which the top surface This wooden drum fits snugly in the corner and provides a little surface for shampoo and shower gel.

, Find out how to add prairie charm to your landscape whether it s a backyard, a rooftop or a half dozen pots on a patio It can be a focal point in a lawn area a wide border along a fence, patio or walk a patch of tall native grasses concealing an air conditioning unit even a Designing Your Meadow

, Toys were relocated to the new storage bench I built for the backyard plastic pots were recycled and broken tools were tossed Bigger shovels and rakes went back on the hooks, but I (Mine are a combination of this design and clip art I found online.) Don t forget to mirror the image if it has text! Make sure

, Several cultivars are now being grown into patio trees, such as this Diabolo This standard form makes a great addition for smaller courtyard gardens or as focal points in mixed beds For best foliage color, plant ninebarks in full sun They are quite adaptable to a variety of soil conditions My experience has

, Unstained white oak with black When going with natural oak floors, other decisions are critical as well you have stair treads, risers, railings, doors and Tip If your table and floor is a similar wood tone, area rugs can break up the space, or create a transition between floor color and table color if need be.

, Armstrong s design for Franson and Timby followed city codes dictating that the new building had to match the characteristics of the existing home s roof pitch, window style and siding, resulting in a charming Timby built the cedar fence to add privacy between the main house and the new unit.

, These New Orleans neighborhoods deck the halls, verandas and wrought iron balconies to get in the holiday spirit The combination of potted purple petunias and red poinsettias adds festive color to this French Quarter home Its next door neighbor also got into the holiday spirit Eclectic Exterior by

, The evergreen wild lilac (Ceanothus sp) is one of a handful of distinctive and iconic plants native to the U.S West Coast Nearly impossible to grow outside of California, Oregon and Washington, it thrives where summers are hot and dry and winters are cool and wet Ceanothus thyrsiflorus, native to

, Interior designer Bill Peace says that during the gold rush, these schoolhouses were put on rails so they could be moved to follow the population This one now serves as a welcoming fishing cabin and workspace The original building is a true hewn log cabin with notched logs at the corners The team

, They then walked the property several times before selecting the ideal spot on which to start designing their family s new home Brandi The combination laundry room and mudroom provides a cozy sitting area for removing shoes, and a spot to hang jackets and leashes Modern Patio by Heather Banks.

, What they see The combination of color, shape and markings pointing into the throat of these flowers acts as a food here sign for pollinators, especially native bumblebees A hollyhock flower full of messy pollen that could stain clothes and table linens if brought inside as a cut flower What they see.

, One simple article cannot negate the work involved in designing a garden from the ground up, but today I m going to give you a few steps to get started Those little balls of sedum will grow tall again by fall, and the path is almost completely weed free thanks to the combination of the weed blocking

, Sometimes we wood burners put off ordering that cord of wood because we can t imagine where in the world we re going to store it However, when I put it off, I wind up buying that overpriced little bundle of green wood at the grocery store and a Duralog on the first chilly night, and that s no good for my

, This combination probably works better in the shade than in full sun The bright foliage contrasts nicely with that of darker colored ferns, like ostrich fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris) The poppies seen here are growing quite well in drier than optimal soil, but there is no direct sun on this spot Other plants in