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, My work truck of choice is my grand prix I can fit lumber with the trunk closed I ve hauled doors, toilets, countertops, and hauled all the demo debris to the dump in that car I rented a pickup three times for all my projects, which cost each time I also paid for all my basement materials to be

, We had at home, larry would drag the trees near the wood pile cut, I d hand to the youngest and they would hand off to the next and on and on the oldest would stack Hard work but In the south, we have issues with powder post beetles and never stack wood near a wall, wood fence, etc Is that not an

, Odette, Billy Odette, Sidney Beaumaster, Oliver Swanson, Will Jorenby, Sydra Smith and Nhung Do Mary Rossing and Will Healy (Photo courtesy of Northfield Area Family YMCA) Michael Garlitz Preschool Enrichment Lead Program Information Coordinator Wee and Prairie Wood Camp Coordinator

, He ll keep his core but the fringes and fence sitters will leave him They may not vote for Hillary but they will not vote for Trump ReplyDelete Anonymous AM hair and beard, created the statues at cost for anarchy art collective INDECLINE Ginger moved to Vegas in to become the art director

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, Between those two saws (and of course my humble little miter box), I ve been able to chop some wood However, these Compound miter saws at Lowes range in price from That is Woohoo! I had enough money saved up that if I wanted her she could be mine for a very, very affordable price.

, Below are photos of the calf cage Don built last summer to bring newborn calves out of the pasture These photos are to illustrate an article I wrote for Self Reliance Magazine (a superb spinoff of Backwoods Home Magazine), and are posted so the editor can choose which ones she wants to use.

, A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a dead chicken in the driveway area This isn t an unknown situation once in awhile, a bird just seems to keel over for whatever reason so I made ready to pick her up and put her in the trash Except she had no head And no neck It was just a headless, neckless carcass

, However there was nothing for it the only path it could come down would take out a fence between us and our neighbors Rapid repairs would be in order Once this The trees have been dead for so long that the wood is perfectly dry and suitable for firewood Because the larger sections were almost too

, Responses to Building the Alaskan Log Cabin cassie says at pm How many square feet is this beautiful cabin Reply Carter Wilson says at pm Thanks for this post I have been wanting to build a log cabin for the longest time, and this just got me even more excited

, Unless the wood was doty, you should have some decent lumber from tress that size ReplyDelete I didn t give it a second thought at the time but after all these years, I m amazed they didn t damage the fence nor the house Total cost lol Still enjoy dropping a few big trees each year for fire wood.

Mar , Photo Using pliers to snug loop wires closer Photo Photo As the wire tightens, the crack in the handle disappears Photo Bending the wire to lie flat against the wood handle Photo Nipping off the extra wire ends Photo Gently tapping down wire ends to lie flat against wood handle.

, I ve split a lot of wood with my maul, wedges, sledge and axe but I would estimate that even with years of experience having a log splitter will easily lessen the time you spend splitting by to They are worth more than their weight in Gold I think you can even buy the kits to convert the one s with

Mar , And that equipment is expensive equivalent to the price of a small house (Dave s mid ranged tractor is worth over ,) New, elaborate computer systems afford the kind of I didn t realize most food, lumber, flax was imported prior to WWII Anyway, mechanization of farming was introduced big time

, Before letting everyone loose, however, we needed to cordon off the garden, the barn, and the end of the triangle pasture (where the fence is down) Out came the wonderful trusty cattle panels, moved from one spot to another (in this case, reinforcing the fence near the bull pen) Here s the tip of the triangle

, Great idea and do be sure to cut some wind slits in the panel so it doesn t act like a sail and take off ReplyDelete Replies Anonymous ober , at AM and melt (or cut) round holes at the ends of the slits in order to ensure the slits do not grow in length Delete Reply Sandy ober ,