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, Sketching the marquee earlier, I had heard a booming voice drifted over from the garden, and before I looked up, I knew it could only be him But he is genuinely great Eventually the band played their last tune, and the dance floor was cleared to make room for the oyster eating competition This I HAD to

Mar , [Guest Post by Gary Yeung in Hong Kong] Located on the outskirts of our busy central business district, this building in Wellington Street is one of the very few remaining pre war tenement buildings in Hong Kong It was built in after the great fire in central Hong Kong The ground floor originally housed

, We are planning to use the first floor of the centrally located café restaurant La Trappiste on Sun Street for our main base We will start our day here and Pat s lettering and layout sessions will be facilitated here Hopefully if good weather, we ll be able to take advantage of the first floor outside terrace!

, I asked him what the small shed in front of the buoy shed was Oh, that s the old outhouse It used to be at the end of the dock with a hole in the floor Everybody had them out there Then the government said you couldn t do that You had to get septic After I rebuilt the dock, I thought I d put it back at the end,

, It s all a show of allegories Every detail, every shape, every stone has a meaning This is the Palacio Barolo that Mario Palanti designed inspired by the famous novel of Dante Aliguieri The Divine Comedy The ground floor is hell With symbols, dragons and an impressive height Purgatory is an

, Welcome to day two of our Sneak Peeks! Today we are previewing a new stamp set This set features sentiments for the coffee lovers in your life If you own the Jaded Blossom Coffee Die set, you will want this for your collection HAPPY BREW YEARHere is my Christmas Coffee Topper I made

, It s C outside, but sunbeams colour poplar trees green Little birds make funny sounds in the morning Spring, how welcome you are! Spring nibbles dark The lady from the first floor brought her wet linen to dry .Right before the storm! Our town is floating No one can escape the pleasure of swimming.

, Other music at the wedding There was Bombay Jayashri, a famous Carnatic vocalist, best known outside South India for a song she wrote and performed for Life of Pi She sang at the Indian violinists traditionally sit cross legged on the floor like the rest of these musicians My favorite musician to sketch,

, Days later, from to , Seoul Urban Sketchers will have the th exhibition invited by the Topgoal Art Center The gallery is located in the first floor of the Senior Welfare Center of Seoul in Jongno district of Seoul The title of the exhibit will be My Merry Jongno symbolizing the location Jongno

, This exercise would come in handy since Pat next challenged her students to look out the windows of the third floor room and select an architectural scene to sketch Once the architecture had been sketched, then the next step, as Ms Pearce would instruct, is to fit the type into the sketch, not to fit the

, At the time we were on the top floor of Galway City Museum, d ing the view of the Claddagh, which used to be a distinct part of Galway (it even had its own It was a late booking and I squeezed in a sketch of one of Galway s colourful buskers, standing in a crowd nay, a stampede outside Neachtain s

, But I don t come here very often because I cannot find anything that I need to buy here, except Noodler s inks and visiting a bookshop and gallery on the top floor Speaking of which, we are staging a gallery show here in !! D Original sketch is in BW Enhanced with Photoshop later, and adding

, Vegetarian food is not particularly my favorite (especially in the capital of the steak) But I know that in a corner (very interesting, on the second floor, in a restaurant), there is a spectacular view that shows the daily movement who live in Buenos Aires I had no choice and had to go up and eat some of the

, The train was jam packed with people sitting on the floor and there were no train conductors checking tickets so anyone could have sat in the st class seats The person in the green Windsor Castle It s our first stop, it s early morning, but there was a huge line outside to get in Once in, I only had about

, ticket box lounge of multiplex theater on the th floor ( x cm) panoramic view of Starfield Hanam Complex ( x cm) main entrance of Starfield Hanam shopping mall ( x cm) main entrance of Shinsegae Department Store ( x cm) ( pen and watercolor, sketchbook ) A few days ago,

, This little church is hidden in a courtyard behind the Palais des Congrès de Montreal, seen from the ground floor lobby, facing Rue de la Gauchetière (Link to Map) You can get there from the metro without even going outside ) If we all post with our city and our favorite secret winter d ing spots

, I saw this stand at the B floor meeting place Several bottles are usual in big hospital But a small machine was connected to the hose The number of the ringer and the complicated lines seemed like that the illness of the patient was not light Some friends visited him It s not easy to d the patient looking

, Quincy (previously known as Paddy s) is a night spot, a bar, dance floor and pool tables on the beach I went there because I couldn t not go out It s Freetown and Ebola is over You have to dance for life When I m alone I sketch I find that d ing enables me to switch the conversation We then get to chat

, While there, my favorite activity (outside of eating Mexican food) was sketching the desert landscape on the north end of town The afternoon heat gave way to lightning storms that drenched the desert floor with rain and left the familiar but unique desert smell of dirt, Creosote bushes, and other flora.

, My hotel room on the th floor had an amazing view of the park and the skyscrapers of downtown Atlanta It also happened to be the week of a large EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festival taking place in the park and every night until PM, my room got blasted with the low bass sound shaking my entire

, Just a quick post before we leave for the workshop Here s another one from our day in old town Montreal This is the Centre d histoire de Montréal An old firehouse, now a city museum holding various relics of our past I was d ing inside here last sketchc l (here s the old sketches) It went on my list to

, In the year end holydays, I visited the Jeong dong Observatory on the th floor of Seoul City Hall Seosomun Annex Building, just across the street from The real attraction is outside the panoramic views spanning from Seoul City Hall to the Ganghwamun Area and beyond, including Inwangsan and

, Takeuma San, who I had met through Flickr conducts monthly sketch outings in the Kyoto area and I was able to meet up with them at Nanzenji Temple The main gate was quite impressive in size and immediately caught my attention For a fee, people were able to climb up to the nd floor balcony.

, There are times where I couldn t finish though since the paint didn t dry fast enough and it got too dark outside With the inking approach first, I rarely had this issue since I could at least get the inking done and color later on from memory or a photo During this business trip to NYC, I also tried using pencil

, I ve finally received the digital files for a commisison I did a couple of months ago The d ings were for the marketing suite of a prestigious new office building in Manchester city centre (One St Peter s Square developer Argent, architect Glenn Howells), and it was decided that the artwork would be in the