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, So during y and ust we can expect flying, biting insects on the rampage in gardens across Britain KNOW YOUR DEET s strong smell (plus the fact it s non biodegradable and dissolves plastic) makes it unpleasant to use And there s Top tips on dealing with mosquitoes to avoid getting bitten

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, Allow me to offer a Canadian perspective It seems, judging from United Kingdom, years ago Looks like the residents in the White house have built over the top of the boundary their side wall is right up to the edge of the boundary but their roof and guttering over hangs onto the neighbours land .

, Visual Arts building by Steven Holl Outdoor balconies, along with a rooftop studio, serve as areas for socialising and working Stairways were The building contains bubble decking, which consists of reinforced concrete slabs filled with plastic bubbles Visual Arts building by Steven Holl US firm BNIM

, It culminates with a terrace overlooking a valley, which shades the house from the sun and offers a external space to shelter from the rain Long Brick House by The house was built on a tight budget of ,, so wood effect PVC flooring and PVC windows were chosen to minimise costs Long Brick

, Open March , Sugamo Shinkin Bank by Emmanuelle Moureaux Material Information Exterior Finish Aluminum plate Fluoro resin paint finish External floor deck Floor carpet, vinyl flooring Sugamo Shinkin Bank by Emmanuelle Moureaux Wall PVC Film adhesives coloured films Ceiling AEP

, The container can be moved when the plants need more sun or shade, or can be moved inside as the seasons shift Summer Container Gardens From Houzz Readers Wall mounted mini landscape If you find yourself staring at a bare wall outside, you can mount a container on the wall Better yet

You garden house can be the ideal place for a conservatory Sheds can be made of wood or other materials in different styles When you choose the design of your mini home, make sure it is matched with the style of the main one and the exterior itself You may opt for a traditional small house with a gorgeous fairy tale look

, Designed by Feldman Architecture, the accessory dwelling units are terraced on a sloping hillside and one is covered with a beautifully designed living roof The yoga studio serves double duty and also functions as a private guest cabin with a bathroom The Mill Valley Cabins are built with wood and are