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, Mural paintings by French artist Patrick Commecy that transforms bland building facades into vibrant scenes.

, Colorful photos of signage by Texas based photographer Matt Crump, the creator of the digital art movement candyminimal, or candy colored minimalism Using Photoshop, he achieves his signature images by editing out objects and saturating colors before publishing them on Instagram Crump came

, The style of the prints were inspired by the works of Kawase Hasui ( ), a prominent woodblock printmaker who worked almost exclusively on landscape and townscape prints based on sketches he made in Tokyo and his travels around Japan The prints are available to purchase here Discover

, A light installation by Groningen artist collective WERC consisting of more than LED lights that communicate wirelessly, reacting to each other and to the visitors.

, An interactive installation entitled Impulse comprising of seesaws with lighting and sound at the sixth annual Luminothérapie in Montreal, Canada.

, Emotionally charged works by Oslo based artist Vanna Bowles that combines d ing, sculpture and installation to create the illusion of vegetation extending out from the canvas.

, A list has been curated, it contains of the most spectaculr d wall tile designs these vary from simple geometric rectangular tiles up to honeycomb models and concrete and wood combo The Dune Wall Tiles by urbanproduct The Crush Wall Tile origami inspired d wall art by modularArts.

, Looking at colorful ink drops on water doesn t get old as in these new series by London based photographer Mark Mawson.

, Entitled Stages, the project began while experimenting with a x camera and after discovering how little it took to evoke the classical works, she placed herself front and center into various icons of Western art as an expression of her feelings growing older in a youth obsessed society and also as a

, The bulk of my daily life consists of scheming happily in my studio until nice weather drives me to cover nearby sidewalks with joyfully pointless chalk art Discover More Banana Theory QR Code Installation at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London Banana Theory QR Code Installation at Chelsea

, Six years ago, American artist Warren King traveled to China for the first time to visit the village where generations of his family had lived He was approached by people on the streets who had memories of his grandparentspeople with whom he shared a cultural, racial, and ancestral connection but a

, Light Rose Garden is an art installation in Hong Kong s Central Promenade and Tamar Park featuring white roses with LED lights Visitors can buy an LED rose for HK each as a permanent souvenir from the garden, with part of the proceeds to be donated to the Hong Kong Fair Trade Alliance

Within the bore is a piston which, when retracted, opens a hole in the top of the cylinder through which new matenal can be added to replace the charge shot into large objects from a vanety of pnor art resins What is also needed are additives that will strengthen objects made from conventional and gel coat resms without

, Banana Theory QR Code Installation at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London Banana Theory QR Code Installation at Chelsea College of Art Papercut Art by Pippa Dyrlaga Domino Mural by Gyva Grafika Voltige Animation by Léo Brunel Moods Photos by Marino Thorlacius West II Photos by

, pinching a fish from a lion s mouth a snake, waiting in the dark to catch a moth and an elephant watching as a flock of flamingos soar overhead Discover More Seashore Library by Vector Architects Pavillon du Lac by Daoust Lestage Houses D ings by Stefan Zsaitsits Papercut Art by Pippa Dyrlaga.

, Argentine artist Alexandra Kehayoglou crafts wool rugs as unique works of art using a hand tufting process that takes several months to complete The rugs imitate miniature pastures and meadows incorporating their textured, multicolor terrains Each rug is made from discarded or excess thread from her

, Within the digital domain, art is able to transcend physical and conceptual boundaries Digital technology allows art to break free from the frame and go beyond the boundaries that separate one work from another Elements from one work can fluidly interact with and influence elements of the other works

Mar , The designs are knitted into the socks with colored thread instead of being printed so they don t disappear when you put them in the laundry The socks are available in gift box sets presented in a traditional sushi oke bowl for easy storage You can purchase them at Tokyo Otaku Mode Discover More.

, They are a great inspiration to many artists and designers, including me And I want to sit on a clean and dry seat in the public space Because of this interesting feature, the design prevents the Tulpi from being exposed to outside elements like rain, bird droppings or leaves Tulpi Seat Chair is a Golden A

, Horse sculptures in various states of play by Chinese artist Wang Ruilin that were inspired by paintings of horses he saw at a very young age by Xu Beihong He describes the ink and wash paintings as full of vigor even though they consisted of brief sketches, and his interest in horses increased over time

, Michal Mráz is a self taught painter from Bratislava, Slovakia Discover More Papercut Art by Pippa Dyrlaga West II Photos by Cody Cobb Sketches from Life Illustrations by Michal Sawtyruk Banana Theory QR Code Installation at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London Banana Theory QR Code

, Five new miniature works in bell jars by London based artist Slinkachu that explores our relationship with prescription drugs.

, A series of black watercolors exploring the bond between children and horses by Indonesian artist Elicia Edijanto.