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, As a result of the bursting of the housing bubble, subprime mortgage crisis, world recession and growing concern about our national and personal debts, America is downsizing its houses, cars and lifestyles Tiny houses on a nice lot may have greater appeal to many than manufactured house trailers or

, Aloha, Stumbled upon your blog Once upon a time we built tiny houses but they were on old trucks not trailers Summer of in Eugene, Ore There were several, Rolling Homes or Housetrucks. I built my first one that summer on the back of a Chevy Built a few over the years, and my last one is

, After a complicated, arduous three and a half year relationship, Ruby feels like a family member to Kendall Ronzano Ruby is a square foot trailer mounted tiny home Ronzano began building at age in her Westside backyard Last week, Ruby figuratively rolled off into the sunset, on its way to

, Uncle mud s cob house, I built a cottage for the local suburban farm outside Cleveland Ohio It took of us and some weekend volunteers about three months to build.

, by Steve Hansen The average size of a new home in the U.S hit a new record in , at , square feet The previous record was about , square feet in , just before the housing market imploded That might sound like good news, but it actually indicates a weak housing market, according to

, ActionCamper creates a comfortable living space while camping, without sacrificing the off road capabilities of the Chrysler Jeep JK.

If you are hiking the Oregon Coast Trail from the village of Cape Meares to the lighthouse area, be aware that the th Street trailhead in the town of Cape Meares is closed, and the landslide has left a jumble of trees and brush across the trail ahead Instead, hike the low tide route This is still open because it skirts the south

, People with nowhere else to go are forming micro communities with communal kitchens and toilets but teeny, individual sleeping units Could tiny homes.

, Love the wood, detail, and all the explanation of attention to detail only one complaint more pictures, please Reply Sequoia Lea Ananda says at am Would love to see more details of how you did it (floor plan) and photos of the inside Looks gorgeous from what I can see on the

, Building a house in the poorest villages of southern Mali has for years involved cutting trees for timber frames and struggling to save cash for a corrugated iron roof Now families are turning to an alternative Nubian style domed mud brick homes that are cheaper, protect fast vanishing local forests and

, Introducing the Solscape Earth Domes These beautiful natural buildings are each less than square meters, and sit overlooking the ocean, amongst the beautiful hills of Raglan, New Zealand.

, Like a pudgy new baby, short and stocky tiny houses are always undeniably cute But Lina Menard, who lives in a tiny house community in Portland, took extra care in designing her square foot home.

, Hey Lloyd! This is Frank the traveling carpenter, from page of Tiny Homes on the Move My brother and I just got back from southern Georgia after building an outdoor bath house in the beautiful forest there The building is made of locally milled cypress and western red cedar from your neck of the woods

, New paint, top of the line sign painters enamel wheels Quick release hitch Copper pipe roof rack Roll down shades Lightweight wood construction Reinforced aluminum tubing for the chassis frame Designed to fold down to bed level if desired Vintage Coca Cola bottle opener Comes with .

, My wife, finding it hard to write with me underfoot, asked if I would build her a place where she could write without distraction Given our small yard I knew that whatever I built would, by necessity, also need to be small I poured a concrete pad ( × ), milled rough redwood × s and fence boards,

, As more baby boomers inch toward calling it quits with their careers, they re figuring out that a tiny house a compact abode around square feet, more or less might best serve their retirement dreams After all, aging in place is all about living in a home that s energy efficient, comfortable and safe.

, Hey Folks, rocket stove bench We have been working on some fun Rocket Heater projects You might have seen the with a big cob bench that heats our sq ft uninsulated barn apartment even though our renter managed to blow the cleanout caps and crack the barrel seal by trying to start it with

, Most people would assume the first thing a farmer needs is land But a visit to Rising Phoenix Community Farm near Saginaw and a conversation with its founder, Heather Marie Bloom, quickly turns that notion on its head Although she owns not even one clod of dirt, Bloom didn t let that small complication

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, Beth Ann Norrgard was ready for big change to become small Norrgard was living in a Tudor home in a conservation district in Dallas It was the most darling house you ever laid eyes on, but it was too much for me, she said of the , square foot home I just really felt trapped by a year

Mar , Entries in this UK contest are being accepted until il This article in the Daily Mail highlights about of the sheds, located in areas from Cheshire to Northamptonshire and Surrey to Nottinghamshire In the one shown here, Derek Verlander has spent years transforming his garden in Essex into an

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, Dutch arboriculturist Bruno de Grunne and architect Nicolas d Ursel from Trees and People have invented a new suspension style cabin called Dom Up This innovative treehouse d s inspiration from tree camping and traditional treehouse structures The end result is a tree shelter that s reported easy to