cheap interlocking decking

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

, interlocking planes This gives an extremely stable structure with minimal surface area but maximum interior space, just what you need in a house ease of construction, its reduced labor time and increased energy efficiency all make these houses cheaper and more affordable than conventional homes.

By providing a matching corrugated shape on one or both of the major faces of the support posts or support runners, a positive interlocking securement is assured between post or runner, and deck Moreover, such an arrangement assures greater transverse or lateral rigidity, that is, resistance to forces directed at right

It is, therefore, one of the principal objects of this invention to provide a domical structure employing an interlocking truss type pattern of laminated wood or metal arcuate beam members Yet another object of this invention is to provide an inexpensive and effective roof covering for such improved domical structures.

The objection of the present invention is to provide an improved construction of sectional pontoon whose sections, whilst substantially cheaper to produce and stringers having plating welded thereto and the stringers being connected by further struts and transverse members and deck and bottom plating , ,