shear reinforcement in slabs

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Reinforcing assemblies for use in structural concrete members, as well as reinforced concrete structures, are provided that are uniquely suited to deal with punching shear failure in structural concrete members such as slabs, beams footings and flat foundations The reinforcing assemblies include a support base,

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Reinforced Concrete Structures Basic Material Properties Basic Design Concepts Behaviour in Flexure Design of Beams and OneWay Slabs for Flexure Design For Shear Design ForTorsion Design For Bond

The invention relates to the reinforcement of concrete slabs in the vicinity of columns where the slabs are subjected to large bending moments and shearing forces The invention accordingly comprises a reinforcement for flat concrete slabs comprising a plurality of substantially vertical elongate reinforcing elements fixedly

, The Punching shear in reinforced concrete slabs can be considered as a D analog of the shear observed in beams This kind of failure occurs as a sudden rupture This rupture cannot be restrained by the help of main reinforcement Hence, there is a reduction of ultimate load capacity of the structure

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There are a number of methods in use to reinforce the concrete slabs against shear failure They may include making the slab thicker around the column, or flaring the column top by, for example, adding a column capital which includes additional reinforced concrete formed around the column to support a portion of the

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, This study shows that slenderness has an important influence on the punching strength of slabs with shear reinforcement, despite the fact that it is neglected in many codes of practice.

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