bench out of composite decking

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

A fairly new phenomenon (compared with what s out there today) in the outdoor construction and decking industry, Ipe is growing ever stronger with each season So what s with this wonder The wood also works fabulously for Adirondack furniture, benches and as flooring for boats and other vehicles Kiln dried Ipe can be

An hour and a half later, the bench was finished, with an inexpensive fluorescent work light hanging overhead and a handy plug strip for our tools With looks of disbelief on our faces, we high fived, wiped the grease off our hands with one of our fresh new shop rags, and headed out for celebratory tacos Finished

You could hear us hold our breath as they veered around the tree, barely keeping from falling off the deck, laughing hysterically in glee I don t remember any I actually got better coverage than the instructions suggested, but I am guessing that it is because I have no railings, benches or substantial steps Wood k

Use Wood k Cleaner Brightener before oiling with Ipe Oil or any UV protection These concentrated powders are formulated specially to cleanse and brighten exterior wood decks, wood fences, patios, terraces, wood siding, benches, chairs, and other outdoor wood It takes out dust and dirt from the wood s surface.

deck levels.jpg Wood and composite decks have a distinct advantage over stone patios With a wooden frame, it s a simple thing to install more than one level, They provide a visual break in the deck, creating the look of separate outdoor rooms Levels Install a different railing or new features like benches or flower pots.