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k foundation k framing Laying deck boards k stairs k handrails k seating Covered grilling area Wood lattice around the deck Storage With that same goal in mind the band joists are doubled, but this time we make miters at the corners because this joint will be very visible when the deck is finished.

, Tips on how to stain and protect wood stairs as well as how to take carpet off steps When I finished these steps the first time I choose a stain with red tones I believe it was Red Oak by Minwax It doesn t look too red in The risers got a coat of new white paint, and after it was all done it looked so good!

Attach planters to your fence or wall to create an unexpected garden space A series of planters mounted on a piece of lattice, an old door or a converted bookshelf can This smart planter shelf fits multiple rows of plants or vegetables into a tiny footprint Using store bought stair risers, it s a cinch to assemble Don t let a

Mar , Lightly sand all surfaces of the stair railings and banister with grit sandpaper Wipe clean and make sure they are free of dust Paint on black stain I used Minwax stain in Black satin Follow directions on the can Staining Stair Railing Step Covering the stair risers Cut the finishing plywood into strips

, In a completely inexplicable move, the cracked, crooked concrete pad had actually been poured around the old stair stringers, which had led the wood to rot and slowly sink down and to the left Pops and I ended up finishing the stairs over the long weekend, but ran out of time to construct the railings.

Handrails must not protrude into stairway path more than Riser height shall not be more than and not vary more than from greatest to least set using three X stringers, X carpeted treads, and a X spacer board to allow drywall and a finish stringer board to be inserted by the finish carpenter.

Don t forget to take a look on the rest of the project, as to learn how to build the frame of the front porch and the railing Building the stringers The next step is to build the four stringers for the stairs As you can see in the plans, you need to use a piece of × lumber and a carpentry square to mark the cut lines Make the

, Of course this is the case for most any DIY project (and sometimes it s the longest part of any project!), and staining our deck was no different Although we ready for paint and stain Once they are, the stair treads will get the same kscapes stain, and the risers and railing will get the Valspar treatment.

, Then, we added the amazing salvaged steel handrail, part of which is shown below Last but not least, we finished the stair risers with tiles this week We acquired these tiles in New Mexico last year, knowing that we wanted to eventually finish the stair risers with Talavera tile Here are some pictures of the

, Completing the framing around my joists by adding the two band boards that would finish off the exposed edge of the deck that currently sported some uneven joists just dangling over the edge I ve decided to do the stair railing inside the stair stringers so that the steps kind of wrap around the posts a bit.

, They removed the porch floor and all the old railings and steps and left the base, making sure it was solid and secure to the house porch gone Once the porch was finished, I knew that the trim around the door needed something more, so you ll see that below These are vinyl risers and will never rot.

, Make the stair risers inches high or shorter If the total rise of the staircase is inches or more, you need to install a stair guard and handrail that s at least inches from the nosing of each step More For more on Building a Basic Set of k Stairs, an Guide I did for The Home Depot s Pro Referral

, This is often used on basement stairs during a basement finishing project, on deck projects and sometimes on tall stairways in homes with ceilings higher than nine feet See the steps Raise the landing frame up to the bottom of the stair stringers and build a support wall under each side Connect the