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, Plastic car parts explained and why they re stupid Top reasons why plastic car parts are a stupid idea, DIY with Scotty Kilmer are designed to absorb a heavier impact through controlled crumbling and reduce the energy transferred to the occupants A similar reg probably exists in the US for modern cars.

, French auto supplier Mecaplast Group plans to acquire Key Plastics LLC in a bid to expand its global presence Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed The deal is subject to regulatory approval.

, It is estimated that by , there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish, and in some parts of the world, this is already the case, as described in this To put this in perspective, another statistic from Scientific American that I read today is that of people in the United States have BPA (BisPhenol A)

, The XXX bench is the first to hit the streets, but The New s research project is already looking at broadening its range, including branching out to recycling bins, playgrounds and bus stops made with recycled plastic components The video below looks at the research project and the production process

, That s still the claim (nice to know they re looking out for us), and as of today, no DEHA standards are in effect in the US You can minimize exposure Over time, almost all plastic degrades, especially when exposed to heat, and this means it can start leaching its chemical components Again, LDPE based

Plastics In Oceans ompose, Release Hazardous Chemicals, Surprising New Study Says Date ust , Source American Chemical Society Summary In the first study to look at what happens over the years to the billions of pounds of plastic waste floating in the world s oceans, scientists are reporting that

, In a workshop in downtown Chang Mai, Thailand, designers turn plastic trash mostly plastic bags they collect from the street into marble like coasters and tabletops In a maker space in Lviv, Ukraine, designers use DIY equipment hacked from old industrial parts and a shopping cart to recycle plastic trash

, Local Hong Kong Starbucks branches have teamed up with researchers to boil old baked goods down to their core chemical components in order to extract recycled ingredients used in plastics, laundry detergents and other ubiquitous products We d go collect bakery waste from Starbucks outlets once a

, To reduce plastic waste and negative effects, recycling programs have been implemented in many parts of the United States, but remain underutilized Much is due to Plastics manufacture makes up of the annual petroleum consumption in the U.S using roughly million barrels per year None of

, Cibhi spent over four years in America, studying and later working in the operations department of an auto parts manufacturing firm His stay in the country exposed him to the prominent culture of using biodegradable or compostable bags to avoid plastic usage All the practices that were once only concepts

Components of research include fully investigating the origins of the materials needed, the process of producing the plastic utensil, the societal norms that have One example of how the continuous buy, use, toss of plastic utensils can add up costs quick is the American Speech Language Hearing Association office with

, Canadian auto supplier Mitchell Plastics plans to invest million to build a plant north of Detroit in Sterling Heights, Mich a move that will create jobs, the state s development arm said.

, Alliance Bio Products says its fuel will be cheaper than oil and that there s enough yard waste in the country to make more than we need.

, In the U.S alone, the demand for virgin quality recycled polypropylene is immense The Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR) has identified billion pounds of recycled polypropylene demand in North America alone million pounds of that demand is for high quality recycled PP, says Steve

, The American Film Institute has listed the single word quotation, Plastics, as the nd most memorable movie quote in American cinema Our guest for this The most widely used method of manufacturing plastic parts is injection molding, which forces hot liquid plastic into a metal mold Once the polymer

The system and method recover materials such as hydrocarbon gases, liquid hydrocarbon distillates, various polymers and or monomers used to produce the original plastics The system and method allow about one unit of input of energy input to the plastic recycler to be used to create one or more gaseous components

, Solomita explains the technology by thinking of plastic like a cake that can be magically broken down into its component ingredients You can We think that this is the way that we should do business, says Antoine Portmann, general manager at Danone Waters North America, Evian s parent company.

, More than million Americans live in communities with plastic bag bans or fees In landfills and waterways, plastic is persistent, lasting for hundreds of years, breaking into smaller pieces and leaching out chemical components as it ages, but never fully disappearing Animals that confuse plastic bags

, New York, ember , Ardian, a world leading private investment house, today announces that its North America Direct Buyouts team has reached an agreement to acquire Revere Plastics Systems, a designer and manufacturer of plastic injection molded parts, from its parent, Revere Industries,

, Automotive supplier Flex N Gate announced plans to acquire seven Plastic Omnium plants in Europe as part of a planned divestiture of certain Plastic Omnium operations.

, An employee works on the assembly line at the General Motors plant in Arlington, Texas Asian and European companies are increasingly d n to the U.S manufacturing sector (AP Photo Tony Gutierrez, File) The U.S manufacturing sector, which has been on a decades long slide, is increasingly

Mar , Michal Zalewski walks us through his simple process for casting plastic parts for use in high tolerance engineering applications Really, if you are in North America and want to get going with resin casting, it s a crime not to give them a try A word of caution is in order although the resins mentioned in this

The fiber reinforced plastic structure is removed from the mold after the resin has cured by peeling away the outer sheet, or bag, and resin distribution medium The strength of depicts in cross section a fourth form of resin distribution medium, and its relationship with other molding assembly components FIG depicts

, We know what it means to be an American manufacturer, we are an American manufacturer, and we are in it for the long run Several of the companies asking for import protection are actually under foreign ownership They include the U.S subsidiary of Nan Ya Plastics The Taiwanese plastics

Date e , Source American Friends of Tel Aviv University Summary Chemists have been working hard to develop a more biodegradable plastic to reduce pollution and This could have a long term impact on many industries, including car manufacturing, in which plastic parts could replace metallic car parts.

, Rather than a problem, the U.S chemical industry may see it as an opportunity, at least somewhere down the line One solution for all this waste nobody wants, is to break down discarded plastic into its chemical components for use by the petroleum industry Others such as aviation, transportation, and food