diy resurfacing block wall in basement

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Watch this video for DIY ways to drill a hole to the proper depth by wrapping masking tape around the bit or making a stop block from a piece of wood.

DIY friendly sheet tile transforms a plain kitchen wall into something special first sheet of tile into place along the centerline, according to the layout you created in Step Apply even, gentle pressure to the entire sheet, and set the tiles in place by holding a block of wood over the sheet and lightly tapping it with a hammer.

, Hide replies indoctus year ago Very good video Thanks I m surprised you didn t insulate the intake piping especially the part through the wall I would think you would get condensation between the walls when the cold outside air hits the warmer air inside Does the intake piping come insulated .

, However, if you re planning on waterproofing your basement, you need to waterproof the walls AND the floor Waterproofing one and not the other won t result in a waterproofed Tagged under Basement, basement waterproofing, coating, Concrete, diy, Do it yourself, drylok, SaniTred, Waterproofing

, More and more people are finding new and exciting ways to re purpose these shipping containers into the building blocks for a free standing home Storage This means you can connect shipping containers together and cut out part of the walls while the main structure is still supported by the steel frame.

, These types of drains require cutting into the concrete slab, which is no easy task This is something to consider Will not stop wall seepage An interior footing drain will effectively drain water that gets into a basement at the floor junction, but it does nothing when water comes in through the walls Drains are

, Before you knock someone s work, first ask how was the wall built I ve had If I was to worry about selling repairs and hear they can not afford, I would still repair them as I don t believe in not putting in Have pride in If it makes it easier for you to leave the conversation I can block you if you want..

Mar , Grey concrete block walls with cheap grey indoor outdoor carpet stapled down to the steps It was NOT a pretty picture My husband parks in the basement, so every day after work this is what he was greeted with at home It wasn t the most cheerful place to come home to everyday, so one day we decided

, Here we tank a concrete floor that has no physical damp proof course Damp concrete floor repair concrete tanking i have a stone slab floor which has a couple gaps, should i put cement down first in gaps also by basement is large , does all the area have to be covereds in one go or can you wait

Power attic vents may be needed if humidity is too high in the attic As a last resort, install a dehumidifier Once you have the humidity in your house under control, repair the worst of the drywall nail pops, apply a stain blocking primer to the walls and ceilings to cover the rust stains, and topcoat with latex wall and ceiling paint

, I made a lot of mistakes when I was finishing my basement, but this one really hurt This one cost me a couple hundred bucks But more than that it was a complete waste of straight weekends! And to top it all off, at first, it looked like I hadn t made a mistake at all In fact for about months I thought I was the

, at pm Neat blog and gets me to thinking I might need to do this to my basement walls, make the storage room and storm shelter not only brighter but, better looking too I assume the same Paint and sealer will work on concrete interior walls as well Reply et Malenfant says .

, Learn how to put on a skim coat of drywall compound on the ceiling The important step of mixing mud is covered and the method used for hawk and trowel to pu

, If using a hose to water your plants, yard, or garden, place the rain catcher on cinder blocks to elevate it so gravity can affect the water flow Gravity will affect the water in the rain catcher either way, but an elevated position will help the water flow through the hose more forcefully STEP Position your rain

The best way to repair these joints is with a sand topping mortar mix, which is stronger than regular mortar and can handle wider joints I mix it with an mixing up the new mortar to repair a stone walkway Push the mortar down into the joints using a brick trowel, then roughly tool it to the same height as the existing joints.

Encapsulate the mold with mold inhibitor Contact industrial hygienist to evaluate the mold problem To prevent future mold growth, repair leaky pipes and roof, and other moisture emitting trouble spots Increase home ventilation to exhaust moisture caused cooking, washing and showering How to Clean Up Mold