heated decking for roof garden

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

, Contemporary k by Todd Haiman Landscape Design Todd Haiman Landscape Design Cook s garden Lush plantings around the roof line soften edges and In this NYC space designed by Cortney and Robert ogratz, a tall fence covered in fake greenery provides privacy for a rooftop hot tub.

, Painting building roofs white could cool some major cities baking in the intensifying heat of a changing climate How much benefits white roofs could bring depend on the region of the country they re installed in and the season, new research shows Keeping cities cool in the summer is becoming

Mar , Radiant heat Spray foam insulation And perhaps most exciting for me, installing my very own standing seam metal roof for the first time I have just Our bedroom is right under the eaves, and I love the sound of the rain on the roof it is muted, not like in a metal building with no decking or insulation.

, For those of you who missed the most recent newsflash, ice dams are caused by a warm attic melting snow on the roof, then the water running down toward the In the attic, leaks typically show up as dark streaks on the underside of the roof decking, the structural plywood or board layer under the shingles.

Mar , To inspire your own modern rooftop deck transformation, here are examples of rooftop spaces that are always ready for outdoor entertaining The rooftop of this New York warehouse turned residence has a lush garden filled with flowers and a cozy lounge area that provides an escape from the hustle

, The flat roof of this house by Mell Lawrence Architects reaches well beyond the external walls, shading the glazed top floor from the harsh Texan sun Flooring alternates between soft wood and polished concrete, with ceilings featuring structural fir decking and steel beams Balcones House by Mell