replacing wood and fiberglas on boat deck

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Mar , We ll touch on the basics of what s involved in painting each of the three main exterior areas on a boatthe topsides, the deck, and the bottomand give you links to articles, videos, Most of these tips apply not only to fiberglass boats but to wooden and even metal boats whose paint is in good condition.

Putty Knife () Inch Joint Compound Knife () Drywall Screws (coarse threaded inch long screw) () Fiberglass Mesh Tape () Sheetrock Minute Joint Minute Joint Compound is great for quick drywall repairs Coarse Threaded Drywall screws are for wood studs Go with longer drywall screws to repair

, RVs built from molded fiberglass are sleek and shiny, and share their origins with the marine industry (think boat hull) In a molded fiberglass Traditional trailers are made of many separate side, floor and roof panels, and are then screwed together with many moldings and seals As RVs are meant to

Author Don Casey focuses on the hulls, decks, cabins, spars, and wood trim of fiberglass boats a rundown production boat into a first class yacht, and of Sailboat Refinishing, Sailboat Hull k Repair, Canvaswork Sail Repair, and Inspecting the Aging Sailboat, all part of the International Marine Sailboat Library.

, For the deck and cabin top, I plan to take her back down to the bare wood, then fiberglass the surface, finishing it off with coats of a good paint like Kirby, adding pumice as a non skid material in the final coat The fiberglass will hopefully eliminate the leaks and provide a stable surface for the paint I will be

, Simply Peel it and Seal it It s that simple Quick Patch is as Pliable as a Band Aid when you take it out of the package and as Hard as a Fiberglass Boat minutes later It will adhere to all types of piping, glass, fiberglass, metals, wood polyethylene etc You will find hundreds of uses for this product.

Mar , We always conduct a mini survey and have some idea of what the boat is about, but it s not until we get down to the nitty gritty that we really see It took us a month of straight work to tear up the top layer of deck, replace the core and fibreglass over it again Is the interior wood work in good condition.

, Recently, while helping member Henning make a decision on which way to go in replacing the seacocks on his boat, we were discussing various and all sorts of internal mounting where we want it to be moisture proof and the caulk keeps things from vibrating loose when mounted in wood or fiberglass,

Our boat restoration and repair services in Annapolis MD offer the use of many popular woods such as teak, cherry and, mahogany For the replacement of the headliner, or overhead, pictured above, we used a wood in the mahogany family The old overhead was removed so that we could rebed the leaking deck hardware.

Hence Runabout Renovation, a complete guide to finding and fixing up old fiberglass speedboats You ll learn how to Choose and survey a boat Make cosmetic repairs and repaint your boat Replace the floor Reupholster and carpet the interior Build a new transom Upgrade electrical and mechanical systems and much

Beautiful boat, with a wide design and big, shallow and comfortable bow Captains chairs, speaker stereo, swim deck and tanning pad (or whatever it s called) above the engine It had nearly perfect interior and it looked well taken care of Shiny exterior, interior that smelled good, roller trailer with nice wheels, and HP

, Removing the paneling and wiring was easy, but the floor was a chore Both the carpet backing and the tile were firmly stuck to the concrete floor and required scrapping Lots of it It took a better part of a week of working a few hours after getting home from work and several vertebra to clear a × spot on

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, Like their fiberglass counterparts the shape and size of the boat determines how they perform and what uses are optimal The hull and deck are built with thin strips of lightweight wood, often Cedar, Pine or Redwood The strips are edge glued together around a form, stapled or clamped in place, and

, First published forty years ago, this valuable reference work is written in a non technical style with practical advice on working with fiberglass to make repairs and improvements correctly to extend Fibreglass Boats Construction, Gel Coat, Stressing, Blistering, Repair, Maintenance Wood and fibreglass.

, Fromhull and deck maintenance, engine repairs, plumbing problems, gasleaks, sail repair, battery and wiring defects, to interiorrefurbishment, dinghy and trailer repair, hauling out andwinterisation, it s all here The Boat Maintenance Biblewill equip everyone with the knowledge required to prevent

, They offer an entire line of products specifically for wood, including Wood Weld, KwikWood putty, Liquid Epoxy, and Wood Restore Repair Putty For glass, they have a windshield chip repair system and several glues for bonding plastic and metal to glass, which is a difficult task, especially for rear view