modern windows and decks in srilanka

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, I just followed that modern rustic vibe When I hung curtains in a way that hid the trim, the personality disappeared so I set the curtains within the window frames on tension rods to keep Outdoors, I grow lots of flowers in and among the vegetables so the views from the pergola or deck are quite lush.

, Now, when it comes to exploring the confluence of old architecture and the contemporary architectural language, we ve discovered on Trendir, the Bord du Lac House, The house features a swimming pool wrapped in a spacious wooden deck and a gorgeous interior, decorated with elegant furniture.

, ICELAND is the new celebrity hotspot and these holiday digs will make you feel like royalty for a fraction of the cost.

I d choose Sri Lanka for its buzzy cosmopolitan capital and colonial style stays in the tea plantation covered hills The hotel s modern and minimalist architecture incorporates local materials in inventive ways to create a striking space that s utterly unique our co founders Tamara and James were stunned into silence by

, Lufthansa s first class seat isn t some outrageously modern fully enclosed suite, though it s extremely comfortable And it strikes a nice balance between offering My eyes were glued out the window for most of the climb out, given that the German countryside is enchanting Lufthansa First Class

Omi modern is a imitated varsion of one of the popular card game Omi that played is Sri lanka Omi modern allow you to play half court and single hands There are players in fixed to two teams yellow and purple The player to dealr s right,who announced the trump suit Read more My review Review from

, This famous report launched the modern patient safety movement and shined a spotlight on the shocking number of medical errors occurring every day in our hospitals The IOM estimated that In my hospital, it is most commonly implemented to full effect on the labor and delivery deck We also include it in

, Modern Machines Understand that the mainframes are not antiquated They are not the System and AS of yesteryear but the IBM z OS and IBM i bit operating systems with reliability and scalability that Linux and Windows can t approach They also have a lower total cost of ownership for

He wandered out from the kitchen, grabbed a fresh croissant for us to split, and guided us to a table on the deck To my relief, Moffat displayed neither cheesy Sitting under the swaying ceiling fans, rain drumming on the windows, I realized I didn t want to leave my life on the mainland be I wasn t ready to deal with the

Often regarded as the birthplace of Western civilization, Athens was a cultural hotspot for tourists before many modern day countries even came into existence Today, Greece s capital is a perfect mix of ancient and contemporary with two thousand five hundred year old buildings standing side by side with state of the art

Mar , By mixing rustic elements with modern design lines, Jordan Iverson Signature Homes studio has done a wonderful job in defining an eclectic style for this particular home The house accommodates three outdoor decks overlooking endless views and a roof terrace, for evenings filled with tranquility.

, Contemporary Living Room by TASCHEN TASCHEN Two projects in the book are in Sri Lanka, both by Japanese architects One is a massive , square foot house designed by Tadao Ando, and the second is the , square foot Villa Vista designed by Shigeru Ban and actually built for the son of

, Studio LOG URBIS completed the design and development of the Olive House, an imposing modern construction located on Pag Island in Croatia as well as traditional Pag stone construction, the tradition of using wood for window shades and ship decks, and the indigenous Dalmatian vegetation.

, Contemporary Living Room by Moloney Architects Beach Style k by Beachouse Architecture Eaves and awnings can provide sun control openings such as windows and doors can allow for natural ventilation and cooling and materials with thermal mass, such as stone and rammed earth, can store

, Number for the Modern Master King of chases Worldwide @imVkohli India have Incidentally, on the same day last year at the same venue, he scored a century against Sri Lanka SA won back then Last five Hopefully, we get good wickets and not boring flat decks Tweet in your opinions to

These contemporary cabins represent some of the most inventive works of cabin architecture available today, from Finland to Sri Lanka to the USA The Hut on Sleds by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects is more than meets the eye, a sqm cabin with windows and walls that fold shut to hide the dwelling inside.

, That failure led to inconsistent data between the redundant reporting systems on the flight deck The pilots attempted to fly the aircraft manually rather than on autopilot during this time and ultimately were unsuccessful in keeping the plane aloft A (pretty cheesy) graphic explaining the pitot system.

Montréal is famously romantic, and it s a go to destination for couples getting engaged or getting married especially thanks to the amazing exchange rate these days But this city still has its secrets! For your Montréal marriage, think outside the box and get the local scoop on little known, memory making places that will

, When Apple launched the Android beta of Apple Music, the company promised a full native app with everything you d expect from a modern Android app Apple Music features a home screen widget, lets you save songs on a microSD and more On this front, when you compare this philosophy against

Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka Constantly looking over my shoulder lying to the police surreptitious drive bys This isn t how I imagined I would be seeing this World Heritage Site My driver slows the car to a halt and I wind down the window and stick my camera out Click Then on we go It doesn t have to be like this I m at