pergola roof made from reed fencing

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, The main purpose of the roof garden is not only to provide a pleasant space outdoors It should be designed in such a way so that it pleases its owner for many years Due to the particularity, the first thing needed is a reliable waterproofing If necessary, an additional layer of waterproofing should be made

, The pool walls create much needed additional seating and provide habitat for beneficial insects in the form of hollow sticks and reeds These bee benches and insect hotels are one way Preston raises awareness of nature She believes that if people experience nature in the garden, they will becomes its

, Built for the World s Fair in , the Petit Palais has a courtyard garden that s a must see for its combination of architecture and planting design These metal French bistro tables and chairs are very chic Get the look for your patio or covered porch by picking up a set they re widely available in fun colors.

, The hosta path, near the entrance to the garden, boasts spectacular views overlooking the ravine It was a treat to see a garden that celebrates the layers of woodland canopy and understory Eclectic by Jay Sifford Garden Design Jay Sifford Garden Design This little guy clings to the handrail made of tree

, In Assam, the century old houses built with bamboo stand safe. Neelam uses bamboo in walls, beams, columns, doors, windows, thatched roof, railings, grills, pergolas, fencing, bridging, staircase, boundary wall and furniture It can be used as composites in various industries, apart from bamboo lumber

, Even in the most modern of roof gardens you can find the formal informal conjunction Beneath the container planting is a very simple, formal design, that without the informality of that planting would make a very sterile area In most contemporary roof and balcony gardens, you tend to find very regimented

, There are so many native plants to choose from of all stripes many of which most of us don t grow But once you start growing them, it s amazing how you ll suddenly notice them in the wild (which is half the fun of using native plants) Blue vervain is a great example From a distance it doesn t seem all that

, Pastel colors can enhance outdoor spaces and add a sense of tranquility and lightness, even in starker contemporary gardens Used in informal plantings, pastel tones such as pink, lilac, lavender, cream and peach create soft and subtle effects Though they work well on their own, pastels also combine

Mar , Raise a roof A pergola with a solid roof, rather than plants, will give you a year round extra room Simply add fairy lights and outdoor heating or a fire bowl, Without taking up much precious ground space, these lovely, lean white birch trees don t spread out until above fence level, creating a cozy nook for

, Consider views from your home Choosing plants that change color throughout the year can make a powerful impact, even in the winter Reed grass (Calamagrostis spp), bluestem (Andropogon spp), woodoats (Chasmanthium spp) and Spodiopogon are a few of my favorite grasses in the frost and snow.

, This beautiful, simple stoneware container raised high above a patio is planted with lovely bougainvillea Rather than seeming imposed on the site, the carefully chosen planters have become part of the overall design, softening the hardness of the paving and fencing while being a feature in their own

, A Sheer Descent waterfall and bluestone patio round out this awe inspiring backyard oasis in the village of Lions Bay, north of Vancouver See more fence They built a wood framed day bed with a bamboo awning next to the pool to give the homeowners a shaded place for relaxing at the end of a swim.

, The stately flowers of Iris germanica, the bearded iris, have made it a firm favorite in recent Chelsea show gardens This year they can be found in Susannah Hunter s and Catherine MacDonald s garden for the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism, where they have used the beautiful purple variety

, See how to make your own tranquil garden fountain Bamboo is an excellent choice to introduce into your garden for the purpose of creating sound Chimes made by companies such as Corinthian Bells and Music of the Spheres have deeper, melodious tones that erase the stress of the day Many of

, Architects of Vietnam, Vo Trong Nghia base, has completed the Flamingo Dai Lai design tourism in the province of Vinh Phuc use of bamboo as a structural material and finish No metal Instead, the pillars of the arch supporting the roof, providing an aesthetic space for ceremonies and live music concerts.

, Karl Foerster feather reed grass (USDA zones to reported to grow also in zones and find your zone) has shiny green foliage that reaches to feet tall and feet wide Its showy, feathery plumes emerge in spring or summer and create a narrow, vertical statement, reaching to feet tall.

, This lax shrub looks best either being left to tumble over a stone wall or tied up loosely against a fence or pergola and allowed to drape down in an explosion of golden stars Landscape Winter Often there are what look like wrinkles at this point make a nice, clean cut just before that Small branches can

, Many edibles are low to the ground plants That s fine for a farm, but designwise it can be a bit boring for a home landscape Raised beds add some design interest to a space and make it easier to care for the plants and pick the vegetables and fruit They can also keep some of the more aggressive growers

, Then he hopped on the roof to locate the supports in the gutters and with some twine he tied the fencing to those supports, slightly overlapping the fencing I was going to cut the fencing off but once we unrolled it noticed how it made a nice wall on the southern exposure I decided to leave it, thus creating a

, It s always important to carefully research the plants before you buy them to make sure that they suit your conditions Clay soil is different from sand or rocky loam, and while some plants may do well in several kinds of soil and light conditions, others won t You may also prefer plants that create short drifts