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, Arrange a few different types of succulents, still in their pots, on the driftwood before you drill, taking into account the driftwood size and shape Try to use existing This driftwood arrangement is perfect for indoors or outdoors and will last much longer than typical flower arrangements (I have had my

, But do flower shows such as Chelsea influence the way we design our gardens, or is it just theater by the garden design elite We might not mirror the It makes a good substitute for boxwood, as it doesn t suffer from box blight, which can be a problem in some countries Other evergreens that have been

, Don t ignore that yucky old grill growing rust in your yard turn it into a lighthearted planter that s a joy to see.

, Among the many green initiatives in the house Cole designed are an evacuated tube solar hot water system, an underground rainwater storage tank, and a kilowatt Planter boxes for the fruit and vegetables incorporate a wicking system (a water reservoir below the beds) that reduces water use.

, Some common bay window uses include a daybed, reading nook, bench, storage unit, built in shelving, dining kitchen banquette or a combination of these We ve rounded up some of the best contemporary bay window ideas from around the world If you re considering adding them to your home, here are

Traditional Accent And Storage Benches by Safavieh View Safavieh Benjamin Fill these pots and planters with summer blooms and aromatic herbs, or go drought tolerant with desert style succulent arrangements Traditional Outdoor Pots And More Colors Modern Outdoor Pots And Planters by Nice Planter View.

Mar , Be prepared to move your potted roses indoors during very cold winters in northern climates In the spring apply a tablespoon of epsom salts at the base of each plant for healthy foliage A springtime application of fish emulsion is great for blooms Keep the containers spaced at least feet apart for good air

, They won t want to squat in this one it s a spherical, rotatable plastic bin that turns and aerates your allotment compostables when rolled around the garden, creating splendid piles of loamy plant nourishment A word of warning though unless you are built like a lb gorilla, only fill it three quarters of

, The most popular outdoor spaces on Houzz are a combination of extensive grounds, small gardens, eclectic plant palettes, streamlined monocultures and landscapes Even though this balcony is narrow, using some of its limited width for a long box full of mounding grasses was well worth the sacrifice.

Mar , How stormwater planters are constructed Stormwater planters have constructed sides most often made of reinforced concrete They contain the same plant types used in rain gardens, soil to at least inches deep, a filter fabric and a drainage layer of about inches of rock at the bottom The planter

, Cultivate some personality indoors with plant containers that are as unique as the greenery they hold.

days ago The sweet, heady fragrance of hyacinths is strong enough to perfume an entryway, courtyard or small backyard Mass them in a container to There s nothing easier than picking up a few budding spring blooms at the nursery and nestling them into a container or window box While hydrangeas naturally

, Greenscape Gardens in St Louis, Missouri, always has lovely seasonal containers to inspire gardeners Here s a large fern surrounded by coral bells and spiderwort (Tradescantia spp) Tip Plant perennials such as the coral bells used here in the ground when you re ready to change out the display

, Due to their modest size and compact root systems, smaller agave species make an excellent choice for growing in containers Every few years there is a new plant arrival that takes the gardening world by storm Its narrow leaves and open rosette growth habit add welcome texture in containers.

, The homeowners also wanted more storage for garden tools and surfboards Twining vines on the pergola and a green roof on the newly built garden shed through the surrounding foliage White flowers prevail in this garden, brightening even the darkest corners Contemporary Patio by Boekel Tuinen.

, Lush greenery, tall grasses and trailing flowers create a natural privacy screen on this patio Try placing large window box style planters atop a low wall to achieve a similar effect Contemporary Patio by Alex Amend Photography Alex Amend Photography Create a formal garden feel with topiary.

, Plant it toward the back of beds so as not to block other daintier plants Many homeowners plant Pride of Madeira on hillsides and slopes, which are akin to its native habitat Caution The plant does reseed, and it is advised not to plant it close to a riparian or habitat restoration zone The plant is not a

, Use hay bales, a few overturned pots or a wooden bench to boost up pumpkins or pots of flowers Second, use a variety of colors and textures Pumpkins, knobby gourds and mums in gold, orange and burgundy work in harmony to make a festive fall scene Traditional Porch by David Sharff Architect, P.C

, After The slab of concrete where the rundown car was parked became the foundation for Catherine s future office The landscape designer is seen here tending to her window box My office is a nice quiet space a little away from the house for me to work With all the chaos that a busy family brings, having

, If you have the unit transported, you ll need to secure the items inside Valet storage The latest innovation in the industry is technology enhanced valet storage Venture dollars are flowing to companies like Clutter, MakeSpace and Trove, which let you schedule pickups and deliveries of even just a box or