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, Tiled roofs with broad eaves Japan is a rainy country, and its roofs are designed to drain large amounts of water away from the house The eaves allow residents to open exterior doors for ventilation without letting in the rain This two story house in the Aoyama district of Tokyo sits on an atypically large

, House mcny by mfmais arquitetos A wooden deck also enables the roof to function as an additional outdoor space, and wide shutters open the living space to the garden The building is located in a gated community on the outskirts of the town and comprises two wings that form an L shaped plan around a

The architects then built a storey glass tower on top of the garage and in front of the slope, allowing the hillside to remain intact The top volume of the home is then reconnected with the landscape via a concrete terrace Privacy from the public garden was created through a series of interior and exterior wooden louvers.

, This post features an amazing small house that s just square feet but looks and feels like so much more Can you Notice how the bedroom has its own exit out to the deck We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re share and inspire others towards a simple life too.

, The new building is broken into several components a four storey townhouse in the front of the property, called the Street House, and a four level structure in the back that contains two The townhouse contains three bedrooms and two decks, including a private patio located directly off the living room.

By Jim Gorman of This Old House magazine Photo by Laura Moss Call in a pro if your house is taller than one story, or if you want seamless gutters, which are custom made on site Pro advice One good way to prevent clogs is to fit your gutters with big downspouts, either inch round or by inch rectangular.

, The extension doubles the size of the single storey house The architects retained three front rooms and one small bathroom, then increased the size of the kitchen and dining room and added a new children s playroom, living room and en suite bedroom beyond Profile House by BLOXAS The zigzagging

, River House by Selencky Parsons Selencky Parsons built River House on a long, thin plot of land adjacent to the River Thames outside Oxford, UK The architects replaced a s bungalow with a three storey house that includes five bedrooms, an open plan living area and a swimming pool Henley on

, Screws also don t have to penetrate as far, so shorter screws can typically be used When installing cedar, fasten it flush overdriving can cause water to puddle in the divot And unlike Southern yellow pine, cedar isn t going to shrink much after installation, so leave a to gap (or to taste) between

, Consider Traffic Patterns Position the steps as close to the back door as possible to give the homeowner more options for furniture placement If the steps are built on the other side of the deck, across from the door, the furniture will obstruct the path from house to yard Embrace Angles A deck designed

day ago Orthogonal concrete planes filled in with glass form this three storey residence in a hilly area of Guatemala, by local firm Paz Arquitectura Other surfaces such as floors, cabinetry, decking and stairwells are made from local, warm toned conacaste wood Ayvalaan House by Paz Arquitectura The floor

Designed by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects and located in Water Mill, New York, USA, the residence was conceived as a L with a two storey volume containing the private zones and a single storey pavilion featuring the social areas The backyard deck and pool fills the void within the L The social volume runs west to

, Multi place house by EKAR Architects One side is three storeys high and includes the veterinarian s home, veterinary clinic and pet shop The other side reaches four storeys and houses the pharmacist s residence, pharmacy, a hostel and cafe, and meeting rooms Multi place house by EKAR Architects.

Located in Miami Beach, Florida the Sun Path House received a storey concrete addition by Christian Wassmann The spiral is designed to the course of the year arate from the main house, the concrete addition contains a ground level dining area, a second storey master bedroom and a roof deck on the rd storey.

, Last tember, six people at a Halifax house party were rushed to hospital when the third storey deck they had been standing on crashed to the ground Though I spent years on building supplies and I remember selling decks to the same people three times while I was there, Mr Weber says I got to

Mar , House in Caxias by António Costa Lima Arquitectos ked and planted roof terraces are accessible from each floor and help to create a connection with the gardens that surround the three storey family home House in Caxias by António Costa Lima Arquitectos The slope of a long and narrow plot

This Old House investigates what may be your best siding option To reduce water absorption, fiber cement has to be installed at least inches above steps, decks, and roofs, and at least inches above grade Craftsman style houses like this one often have clapboard on the first story and shingles on the second.

, CO AP has renovated and extended a typical suburban home in Australia, adding a two storey concrete structure that opens onto a garden at the rear A new living and dining area looks out onto the garden through full height sliding doors that connect this space with outdoor decking A bedroom on the

, Almost Cube House by Land Arquitectos The main house of Casa Casi Cubo has been wrapped in second skin of pine set back from the main structure, forming the pavilion on three sides of the building These slatted screens are designed to break the coastal wind while allowing light and breeze to

, Like this the garden is accessible from all three levels S House by Steimle Architekten The faceted aesthetic continues onto the decking, where steps and a zigzagging bench merge with the surface S House by Steimle Architekten Smooth surfaces employed on the building s exterior are evoked in the

, Named Balcony House, the four storey dwelling was designed by Ryo Matsui Architects with three large balconies and a roof terrace that give views of the A outdoor staircase lead up from the third balcony to the roof terrace, which features an al fresco dining area with plants built into the decking.

Mar , Plywood is used for floor decking and the roof The roof is created using truss assemblies constructed with × s and held together with gusset plates or finger jointed together If used, gusset plates cover only a part of each piece of wood and penetrate the wood by inch These truss assemblies create a

, Learn to think like a raccoon, skunk or squirrel to keep your home safe and your garden intact Just the other morning around or , I was startled awake by Santa Claus and his reindeer landing clumsily on my roof That s weird, I thought Shelter could be access to an area under a deck or hot tub.

, FLOOR ROOF DECKING AND EXTERIOR SHEATHING Fire tests of foot × foot boards of OSB and plywood show the same time to failure OSB is cheaper than plywood and is used in home production today about percent of the time The problem with OSB and plywood is thickness Floors today

Determine the length by subtracting inches from the total width of your porch framing This allows the end joists to overlap the ledger board You may need to make the ledger even shorter if your porch flooring is going to overhang the porch framing Unlike decks, ledger board flashing for front porches may or may not be