can composite decking be put at ground level

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As with deck ledger boards, there are a few planning basics that are important to note about front porch foundation ledger boards diagram showing ledger location The surface of your front porch should be lower than the interior floor leading on to it To avoid a tripping hazard, the porch floor can be located just below the

, For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you probably saw that we FINALLY put the finishing touches on our brand new deck this past Although they look small and awkward right now, after more summers, they will completely fill that planting bed and stick up well above the deck floor! I think it

, There will be less space to address if the deck will extend from the ground level story, but the eye will still be d n to that dark (often weedy) slit of earth So how do you If not, place them in watertight bins, as rainwater and runoff from pots will seep through deck boards onto whatever is placed below.

It also secures the plate down to the concrete, but it s a little longer so that it ll accommodate this little threaded sheave that will be put on it later in the framing Now you know it s not that unusual when you have an addition like this where you have a bit of a sloping lot that you re matching the floor level of the existing house

, In this video, Shannon shows you how to install the top decking material on the framed I like how you over build things so it will last .solid as a rock Same thing On the other hand, I ve gain a deep respect for professionals and their quotes on cost labor my deck is approximately ft off the ground.

, Making sure it was completely level, we anchored the x ledger board underneath the shed doors with lag screws (and washers) We predrilled This compensates for the height of the piece being cut off at the bottom of the stringer so that the correct angle can be achieved I meant deck boards.

Building a wood privacy fence around your yard isn t that difficult and can make a great DIY home improvement project Here s how Establish Post Height Pull a string even with the top of the fence posts, and place x pressure treated posts rated for ground contact in the holes Plumb and Wood k Boards Gaps.