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, Hailey Jay The sun set on the rooftop as champagne glasses twinkled and guests feasted on beautiful cheese and incredible music A glorious Melbourne night set the scene for a modern rooftop wedding that the guests would never forget and thanks to Jessica Abby we re sharing all the moments and

, From big beautiful decks urban city rooftops, gorgeous gardens and just about everything in between, these spaces welcome outdoor receptions Let me The space can seat or hold guests for a cocktail occasion and has views over both the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

, Looking at some of this code is like walking into a hoarder s house it s full of useless junk To push the analogy perhaps too far the more At little as ten years ago I put a web front end on a table that was clearly housed, at one point, in a card deck There are tools and available techniques that allow

, Not only does the Pretty Beach House allow you to delve into complete and utter honeymoon bliss but you can also get back to nature and learn ancient dreamtime Each with an individual timeless decor, private deck, dive pool and daybed, situated so you can take advantage of the bushland setting.

, The work of a architect with a great sense for interior design the restaurant is quite unique in that the owners have restored the rooms regardless of We went to Sudan on a bit of a whim, to follow the history south from Egypt and to see the pyramids at Meroe Finca Vigía Hemingway s Home in Cuba.

, Kate Stuart Kate and Stuart wanted a modern, relaxed feel for their wedding day They borrowed a friend s house with an incredible view and hosted a formal cocktail party wedding with their nearest and dearest While the bride and groom s love story takes centre stage, there is no doubt Stuart s son

Other breathtaking spots include Chateau Ramezay and Chateau Dufresne, both historic private homes that can take you back in time in the most romantic way buildings in the centre of downtown, is a sight to behold with an observatory equipped with high tech telescopes and four season heated decks on every side.

, The group works through the deck of cards and discusses each card in the group, prioritizes them and at the end selects one to be the candidate for a pilot This has proven to An example could be where IoT devices are installed by a technician in a building or perhaps even by resident of a house In such

Mar , We first met working in a fine dining restaurant back home in Australia, and very soon figured out that we shared a passion for travel and for enjoying the We surveyed the guests on our Galapagos Island cruise about the best design for our wedding invitation, while an earlier trip to Mexico inspired the

, The Hi Arch Gambrel building is a complete, permanent, economical structure designed specifically for salt and sand storage The building was originally designed for a community that wanted a salt storage building with enough clearance that tractor trailers delivering salt could dump their loads directly

, (However, if there is an especially big calving, hit the deck because flying ice has, on occasion, killed people.) The extensive network of paths and The vibe of Hosteria Los Barrancos is very reminiscent of a great ranch home somewhere in the American Southwest Anna speaks Spanish, French and

Mar , This was all part of a trip that took us through Doha and Sudan before we arrived in paradise Located on the main There are also a series of decks around the restaurants and lobby, so although the beaches are small there is always somewhere to relax Finca Vigía Hemingway s Home in Cuba.

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, Nobody knows the province like Mr Ol and while he can take you to the main sights, he ll bring you home by the most scenic backroads There s a small restaurant and bar off the reception area with an outdoor terrace and shaded deck, from where you could lean out and pick a banana off a tree (in

Mar , Anavilhanas Lodge is located within the Anavilhanas national park which is home to more than islands The hotel boasts ammenities such as air conditioning, forest views, free standing tubs and hot showers There s also a swimming pool, bar, observation deck delicious cuisine and more You won t

, As I pulled up the driveway of Gardenripe Farm, I saw a middle aged man with a blue cap appear on the porch of a modest white house I spent my afternoons writing, doing yoga on the wooden deck, going on walks with my dog Cagney in the acres of wilderness on the farm, and hanging out with the

, Little Creatures was a really easy choice only m from Kidogo, we love the beers there, and the k Bar already had a lot of the decor that suited our style with the mismatched lounges, festoon lights and big glass windows overlooking the water Another big plus was that the venue spanned over two

, Yet while the main building features the monumental blocks synonymous with Art o (while tipping a hat to Khmer temple design), the corridors are wide, after the renovation are more colourful and more lavish, with Bensley stating that he wanted to achieve a mood of an opulent Cambodian home

, There are plenty of ways to make the most of your island trade show exhibit Here are ways to incorporate activity zones into your island booth to attract and engage attendees.

, Something about sipping coffee on the wrap around deck, sharing the view of the pine forest with squirrels and Blue Jays, made it abundantly clear that I needed to Once the seed was planted, I began transforming a van into my home, and setting down the foundation to build a life around a lifestyle.

Mar , Social She loved the way her coworker presented the deck in the meeting and plans to give a shout out Navigates to the Yammer tab in Office and post a Praise for her coworker Shares it with all company group Happy Shuts down her devices and goes back home as a happy camper! In future

, Guerrilla marketing showcases your ability to relate to those basic needsemphasizing that there are real humanswith our flawed ideas of love, compassion, and humor behind each and every product If that s not a way to hit home with your marketing, we don t know what is! Want to learn more about

, THIS luxury motor home comes complete with a fridge freezer, king size bed and heated floors.

, This appreciation leads to having more design discussions about reliability about what happens if something fails while doing maintenance or Roy started with describing Netflix s culture, which is also aptly detailed in CEO Reed Hasting s now famous Culture k which you should definitely read.

, Doing so may take some tender loving care, like occasional watering, but there are worse things than being forced to visit your rooftop oasis once in a while If you ve been thinking about experimenting with a green roof for your home or business, here are some regionally appropriate plants that you might

, Yet he looked relaxed and at home, as if he d never left Bangkok, and certainly not like a chef who d just opened a restaurant We asked Ton what Then came stylish Baa Ga Din in a big casual space with a quirky design, kitchen side eating, outdoor deck, and spacious resto bar Its Modern Thai Street