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, The first thing we did was tear off the bizarre attempt at a stud wall and remains of the fence picket railing on the second floor (first that is after taking care of the bee problem) After that we patched the rotted original floorboards on the second floor, and rebuilt the first floor porch from scratch, reusing as

, ABOVE Columns by Chadsworth s Columns.These companies make period inspired products including columns, porch systems, architectural elements, shutters, and.

, ABOVE This stunning modern Craftsman house rose on the foundations of a tired oversize rambler that sported a concrete block first floor and stingy metal.

, For example, current codes require balconies to have at least inch high guard rails, but an original Craftsman never would have had a guardrail that tall, Roger says So she It has a neat pulley system the family uses to raise and lower the light to change the mood in the kitchen Find industrial light

Advertisements Vintage Woodworks specializes in thousands of parts for porches from railing systems and floor boards to decorative brackets, balusters, spandrels and posts orative posts and railings will flatter porches of various styles country, colonial, Victorian, craftsman and contemporary Porch posts, like their

Our front porch ideas and designs sections have just about every style porch under the sun, from country porches to Victorian porches to bungalow porches and more! We have a generous it historically sensitive The porch railing is the result of viewing thousands of photos online and in period books from a local library.

The expansive deck and patio areas overlooking the pond and gazebo are prefect for barbeques and outdoor dining while viewing fireworks on the th of y and during Venetian Festival The beachside Underground sprinkler system Invisible Open stair to lower level, Craftsman balustrade with natural oak handrails.

, ABOVE Rejuvenation s Amity wall brackets flanking the door go nicely with their Columbia pendants on this rustic porch.You can extend Hard wired systems go just about anywhere you want them at ground level attached to a conduit, along walls, or mounted on a railing, post, or column Because of

Whether you are looking for a high quality aluminum screen door, a patio screen door replacement, or just a reputable screen door company, Mary and I You have contemporary style, Mediterranean, colonial,Craftsman, country, cottage, Florida series, coastal series we offer many different designs for a reason, because

After strategically upgrading systems and reconfiguring the first floor of the home in the first six years doing most of the labor themselves the couple began Sometimes, real estate agents even call them Craftsman , but they are really small houses that were built for working class families, as someone else mentioned.

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, They ve spent the last decades building one craftsman style house after another Hey builders, it s getting a little boring, let s change it up It seemed to have a deck hanging off every vertical surface and the interior stair railings were seriously outdated The first thing I thought was Yay, I love renovating

, We were fortunate to have a local carpenter who worked with me to do minor work that significantly updated our craftsman I spent significant time researching designs and came up with a concept that worked for us All in all, new railings, columns, and outlookers in the front along with a new paint job

, Craftsman Kitchen by The Works The Works Important Considerations Before proceeding with a library ladder project, make sure your space meets these four requirements Determine if there s adequate support at the location you want to install the rail If not, you ll need to add it Keep in mind that the

, The stylized flowers and tendrils of Gibson s Aubrey line are a favorite among bungalow owners The metal tiles look great in backsplashes, bathrooms, and on the porch Railings and gates, inside and out, are the most popular requests for Harris Metalsmith Studio Founder Matt Harris explains that each

, A porch that sits a few steps above street level creates the sense of separateness, and the railing adds to a feeling of protection Meanwhile, the porch is still visible to anyone on the street Below, on the other hand, a craftsman style home lacks the railing, but still manages to achieve a sense of privacy

, Mostly agree with Panos about the NYT Moment in Time thing, but railing against the exploitation of creative folk is pissing in the wind no less than There was a momentary pink flash of this and that apparently they were real and then the sound of my father shouting angrily at Uncle Max from the porch.

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, A while back we did a Simpson Craftsman door installation on a s bungalow home in downtown Lakeland, Florida It was an incredible update and really brought out the charm of the wraparound porch Recently, we had the Quick Pro tip railing systems rarely align to wall studs This necessitates