decking and porch flooring recyclable

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, When putting together your balcony designs always think about making reusable decorations Since you re foreseeing to move in the future, Make sure that the floor is well taken designed since this will create a big impact on the overall theme of the balcony Make use of all the spaces in your balcony by

The summer nearing its end, and hopefully we can still enjoy a few sunny days The front porch or the patio deck are places of choice If you feel that a little something is missing to give these areas more style, a painted floor could be a great option It s easy and inexpensive to complete It works on wooden floor as well as on

How to toss or recycle household materials in need of special treatment Note Be sure to check your local laws before proceeding.

Hobbies, pets, and even recycling can get sorted out in the mudroom Here are some A ground floor basin with a drain and a wall mounted hand spray easily accommodate dirty boots, feet, and paws Make sure to keep Glass, plastic, paperwhat home doesn t need an efficient way to deal with garbage and recycling

A three season porch is often called a sunroom and is sometimes confused with all season porches Four season porches are fully insulated and Flooring For flooring consider using deck tiles that interlock They can be installed over almost any surface A Season Porch Recycling Idea I once saw an idea for making a

Give a Sponge Scour Power person scrubbing a tile floor with a sponge View as slideshow Photo by Comstock Images Getty Images Cover a plain household sponge with a piece of screen, and tie with string at both ends to prep it for heavy scrubbing jobs ×

, Opportunities to expand life into the outdoors include a screen porch, second floor terraces, and a deck level pool.The site gave In keeping with the client s affinity for recycling, we used board paneling recycled from an old barn and a limestone sink carved from part of an old house destroyed by a tornado.

, I ve learned over the years, geraniums become very unhappy if kept on a shady porch for too many days So, every few days I bring Miss Geranium out on the deck to sunbathe Garden Seat with Geranium on k I ve never had a great spot to place her, though and she always ends up on the floor of the

She even incorporated a latch found on an old door and a wood pallet for the base Since she only had three same size windows, she designed this greenhouse to sit against the exterior of her home, but it could just as well sit on a balcony, deck, or patio See additional photos and how she built it Mini Greenhouse From

, The partition wall, shown here from the porch in an open position, divides most of the space, but a single hinged door on the right lets the homeowners pass through the two spaces when the partition wall is closed Tracks in both the floor and the beam above support and guide the folding components.

, I have always loved the look but never wanted to be bothered with hanging rods on the porch and leaving holes in the metal over the porch out there for covering the carpet you know the old looking stuff I have it mostly covered with rags rugs floor of a covered deck to prevent dirt and bugs from coming