outdoor stair for second floor

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, This is the first color I painted the floors in sort of a bricky, Chinese red, which was inspired by the red floors at my friend s Shaker house reminding me, as well, of the bright colors in Monet s house at Giverny where he painted both the inside and outside with the bright colors of his surroundings.

, This staircase adds a colorful, fun design feature to a room that is contemporary, streamlined and mostly white (Another rainbow touch shows up on the London patio s outdoor sofa.) If you decide to create a rainbow effect in your home, I recommend that you keep all your colors within the same tint (level of

, Posts are spaced no more than apart so that means we have four posts per row, with the first row having additional post to account for the stairs Here s a sketch of the They installed a x ledger along the entire length of the deck, taking care to ensure it was completely level Steve and his crew

, At the front of the house, a path surrounded by plants connects to concrete stairs that lead up to the house This modern curved wood and concrete house features At the side of the house, there s another entrance and the second floor features black window frames that protrude out from the wood facade.

, To get natural light into the steel covered powder room, at left in this photo, Loosle let the stairs form a portion of the ceiling, with frosted glass to bring light in The green backsplash from the kitchen extends to the second floor wall, and the front and back interior walls are the same color on both levels.

After opening up the stairwell on the second floor of the Kuppersmith Project house and reframing the landing, the existing newel post was cut down to size and topped with a molded cap To finish off the flooring around the landing, a piece of heart pine bullnose trim was fabricated by gluing and nailing two pieces of wood

Watch this video to see how to remove a section of second floor landing from a staircase to open up the stairsway the Kuppersmith Project house to allow for added closet space and new doorways, we also removed part of the staircase landing on the second floor to open up the space Kuppersmith Project Exterior

, Planning permission had already been granted to add an extra floor and a roof terrace, so a full ceiling was added between the first and second floors (previously, a mezzanine spanned half A box like extension had to be built on the roof terrace to accommodate the stairs leading up to the outside space.

, Building Layout Tianfu new district is a new urban areaAs the first fire station in Tianfu new district, it integrates office, fire control, rescue, and then go through the outdoor stairway to visit the gallery on the second floor, then access to the multi purpose training hall for fire fighting training, and then arrived

The rusty balustrade and its word art laser cuts stop short of the floor by about steps which keeps the stairwell from overpowering the narrow home View in gallery row house th floor tree amazing stairwell The first part of the home, just inside the exterior folding doors and next to the stairwell is considered the garage

outdoor lighting indoors x Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Staircase In fact, your stairway is an excellent space to incorporate different decorating styles that would not be as appealing in the rest of the home the space Consider continuing the wallpaper up to the second floor of your home for a cohesive effect.

, Also, on the first floor is a two story lecture hall with a seating capacity of more than the largest on campus Connecting the Welcome Center and the lecture hall to the rest of the four story building is an outdoor staircase that can be used as an amphitheater and a promising hang out spot for

, In the world of architecture, just about everything designed to appear simple is not this simple porch and stairs might be the exception to that rule So it should be apparent that it s the second floor that creates what we are calling the covered terrace and the extension of that terrace, as it leaves the

, A cream toned staircase connects the four floors of this London house, which was renovated by architecture studio Alma nac to create more light and space The first step was to gut the existing spaces, before adding two new floors one in the basement and another at the top of the property The front

But pipes need to stay in areas that are heated, and they can t go in exterior walls This requires close coordination among your plumber and contractors to make sure pipe runs are planned properly and installation is timed to avoid rework At Geoff and Michelle s house, supply lines for the second floor bath were tucked